Roger’s Resolutions for 2012

Alright, it’s a brand new year, and for most of us, that means one thing above all others: resolution time! Yes, as the calendar rolls over, we try to improve ourselves, by focusing on the aspects of our lives we’d like to to improve. There’s plenty in most of our lives that we would like improve, and it tends to be easier when so many other people are also trying to make their lives better.

You might recall that last year, I made a number of resolutions (ten in fact), which I’ve been trying to achieve over the past year. I’ve done a somewhat decent job on achieving them all, but trying to do ten different (if generally inter-connected) things proved to be a bit too much for me to achieve.

Yup, I felt a bit like this at times during the past year

Rather than spread my focus in so many different directions, this year I’m going to make a smaller number of more focused resolutions. Hopefully, if my goals are more focused, I can have more success in achieving them during the next year. So, rather than creating ten different resolutions and dividing them into three categories, I thought that this year, I’d only create three goals to keep my attention more focused. So, with no further ado, here are my resolutions for 2012:

For my Blog, get my Alexa Ranking Under 100,000: I had hoped to reach this point by now, anyway, but things just haven’t quite worked out like that yet. So, rather than five different goals that should get my ranking to this point, I figured I would focus on the hopeful end goal instead. (I have mentioned, when going over my resolutions from last year, that I’m a bit leery about making goals that are dependent on other people’s responses, but I feel in this case that it should be more than possible if I focus on my blogging more.)

For my Finances, Eliminate $5000 in Credit Card Debt: Rather than the rather vague ‘Pay Down My Credit Card Balances’ goal I had last year, this year I’m giving a specific dollar goal and going to try my best to achieve it. It won’t be easy, but by focusing on doing so a little at a time, I should be able to get this accomplished. (As a side note: I will be taking out more money in student loans later this month; any portion of that money which goes to paying down my credit card balances won’t count. The last thing I want to do is simply trade one debt for another while calling it ‘paid down’.)

For my Personal Life, Finish Graduate School and Get a Job: This is another of those that depend on people other than me, that is true, but finishing grad school is certainly within my control, and if I start working diligently on job hunting now, it shouldn’t be too much of a problem to find myself some gainful employment. It’ll take some effort, but more than anything else I can do in the coming year, this will help me get my life off to a better start.

There you have it, three new goals for the new year. What do you hope to accomplish in 2012?

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