Preventative Measures for Small Business Owners: What Does Beauty Insurance Protect Against?

Preventative Measures for Small Business Owners: What Does Beauty Insurance Protect Against?

You already know that working in beauty is miles different from practically any other industry. Those on the outside looking in might think your job is all creativity and glamour, but there’s so much happening beneath the surface.

Aestheticians, makeup artists, salon professionals, and nail techs know that it takes skill, dedication, and good business sense to make their careers work. That’s why it’s essential that you have insurance tailored to your industry.

General Liability Insurance

When you decided to become a cosmetologist, you likely weren’t thinking of bodily and personal injury, nor property damage. Yet this is something every professional needs to address through insurance before they open shop.

General liability is the type of policy most businesses have, from construction companies to restaurants. While beauty businesses aren’t like most, they too require this basic coverage.

After all, beauty pros are using products on clients that could potentially cause a reaction. We do everything we can to choose quality products that work for the individual, but from skin creams to hair toners, it does happen.

Spilled nail polish remover on a client’s designer purse? Here’s where you’ll be glad that you have general liability, which can pay for the damage.

Finally, we all know that salons are a great place to dish gossip. It’s not uncommon to hear plenty of things that aren’t your business on any given work day. If you happen to chime in, and it gets around to the subject of your story, you could be sued for defamation or slander. Would you have ever guessed that your beauty insurance had your back here?

Professional Liability Insurance

General liability covers a lot of bases, but there’s still more to stay on top of. Your beauty insurance package should include professional liability insurance that can kick in in a few different scenarios. These are usually related to lost wages and services that didn’t pan out as intended.

At some point, we’ve all had a bad haircut. But have you ever had one go so wrong that you felt you couldn’t leave the house? Furthermore, if you’ve ever had a facial, you know that redness and peeling can occur after certain types of treatments. If a client sues because their results ended up in missed work, professional coverage is there to back you up.

We count on our clients to be honest and up front. We want to know whether they’ve used cheap boxed dye on their hair, what ingredients they’re sensitive to, and we trust them to follow aftercare instructions.

Unfortunately, we don’t always get the whole story, and not everyone keeps their word. This can lead to poor results from our services. Even though we aren’t strictly to blame, we can always be sued if someone’s hair breaks off, or their skin begins blistering. This is why professional liability is a lifesaver.

Go ahead and let others think that your job is all magic, fairy dust, and photo shoots. You’ve got the less-glamourous side covered when you carry comprehensive beauty insurance. From snapped tresses to loose lips, it’s the smart way to stay in business.

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