Net Worth Update: July 2011

Wow, this year is going fast.  Maybe it’s being in grad school, maybe it’s trying to make time for my Sondra, maybe it’s trying to keep up with my blog; probably, it’s a combination of all three, working together as a sort of tag team to keep my free time, well, anything but free.  Alas,… Continue Reading

Frugal Friday – Travel Events

Alright, friends and readers, it’s time to bring these special travel editions of my Frugal Friday posts to a close.  Yes, I’ve showed you how to get to your destination as frugally as possible, and how to find a place to stay that won’t cost you an arm and a leg (or any other body… Continue Reading

Finding Ways of Building a Side Income

If you are unsatisfied with your current income, and want to earn more, there’s numerous approaches you can take.  You can ask your boss for more money, you can try to work more overtime (assuming you aren’t an ‘exempt’ employee, for whom extra hours worked just mean few hours spent with your family), or if… Continue Reading

Carnival of Financial Planning #190

Hello, Amateur Finance readers, fans, and other visitors.  Today, I have the great honor of being able to host the One-Hundred and Ninetieth Carnival of Financial Planning.  There are a great deal of very interesting looking blog entries included, so please take the time to check them out! Best Personal Financial Planning and Personal Investment… Continue Reading