Office Supplies and Cost Cutting

The office is often central to the successful running of a business as it is in the office where many important business activities take place. For these activities to work effectively, it’s likely that you’ll need a vast range of equipment and office supplies. Each of these items will play a different but important role. However, although these items are a necessity, they needn’t cost an arm and leg as there are cost cutting measures you can make on your office supplies.


When it comes to office appliances and equipment, buying the cheapest items isn’t always the best option in the long-term. Although your initial investment will be lower, you may spend more in the future on repairs, maintenance and replacements. Instead, it can be best to choose a product manufactured by a reputable brand that is on offer and comes with a guarantee or warranty. To get the most out of all your equipment and appliances and ensure that they last for a reasonable amount of time, make sure you follow the care instructions and do not use them inappropriately.


All offices need stationery, but you need to be careful you don’t buy things you don’t need. Only buy things in bulk if you know that you will use them and look out for discounts on the items you use most often. To identify what you use the most, try to regularly stocktake your stationery cupboard and keep copies of your order invoices. This should give you a good guide of what you do and do not use frequently. Having a good place to store each item of stationery will reduce the amount you spend on replacements for lost items and also save you time in searching for the things you need.


There may be lots of different ways you use paper in your office. While good quality paper may be important for formal letters to clients and for marketing materials, you can save money by buying lower quality paper for everyday use. Taking steps to avoid wasting paper will also help you to save money. Don’t unnecessarily print documents, especially if they are for internal purposes only. Using email is a quick and free alternative. Another tip is to make sure that each member of staff reads through all their work before printing to avoid unnecessary reprints when they identify mistakes too late.

Ink Cartridges

As printing is part of the normal daily functions of most businesses, saving as much money as possible on ink cartridges is important. One option is to buy remanufactured cartridges as these are often just as good but can be as much as 50 per cent cheaper. Alternatively, buy original HP ink cartridges, such as HP 61 ink for your printer but then set the printer to draft or eco mode so that less ink is used each time you print. It’s also worth noting that you do not need to immediately replace ink cartridges when you see the warning message flash up. This is given well in advance and you should be able to continue using your printer for quite some time following that message. Just make sure that you have a replacement ready to hand just in case the ink does run out.

To reduce overheads, businesses must look at ways they can cut costs in various aspects of their business, and this includes office supplies. Paper, stationery, equipment, appliances and ink cartridges are all items where it is possible to save money when buying. This can help keep the costs of running your office down and boost your bottom line.


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