Welcome to The Amateur Financier Blog!  I’m Roger, the Amateur Financier.  I’m hoping that you’re enjoying yourself so far.  There’s a lot here to see and read around here, and I’m sure that you are eager to get back to enjoying all this site has to offer.  To get you started, here are some of the best pages and posts from the past four and a half years:

  • Before you head off anywhere else, please swing by the About page to find out more about me, my family, and my motivation for creating this blog.  Be sure to check out some posts that share my Deep Thoughts and Personal Milestones to learn even more about me.
  • Check out some of my favorite posts from the past four years; these are far from the only good ones, but they should help get you started as you see what this blog has to offer.
    1. Unemployment and Motivation: A Case Study – One of my favorite posts, and easily the most widely distributed of the ones I’ve written, even being featured on a MSMoney article (which has been deleted, sadly).  It also was a wonderful opportunity to share some of my thoughts on unemployment, while getting benefits myself.
    2. Ten Commandments of Credit Cards – It’s tough to use credit cards well, so I decided to lay out ten iron-clad rules to using credit cards without finding yourself overwhelmed by debt.
    3. I Couldn’t Make This Up: 50 Cent, Penny Stocks, and Twitter – I love this article, as it demonstrates some of the best lessons about media and investing I could possibly share.
    4. Encouraging Entrepreneur Children – It’s tough to get children to appreciate the advantages of working for yourself; here, I’ve shared some advice on how to spark the entrepreneurial fire in your kids’ hearts.
    5. How to Improve Schools’ Course Offerings – I sometimes go outside the realm of strict personal finance; here, for example, I discuss how to make schools more useful to students and better prepare them for the modern world.
    6. Deep Thoughts: Harmful Books – On the same note, I’ve written about books quite a bit (reviewing dozens of them over the years), and when I discovered a list of the most harmful books in the world, it definitely made me think (and write).
    7. Is Billionaire the New Millionaire? – Here’s an interesting question: are people so focused on the tippy top of the net worth level that being a millionaire has become ho-hum?
    8. The Amateur Financier Millionaire To-Do List – Even if people are only concerned with becoming billionaires, you still need to become a millionaire on your way there.  Here’s my list of what I am planning to do to reach that lofty goal, myself (use it to craft your own blueprint).
    9. 8 Ways to Save Money While Saving the Earth – I’ve done quite a few posts on various ways to save money, but this is one of my favorites, as it mixes in another topic I enjoy, helping to save the planet.
    10. Life Isn’t Fair; But Should It Be? – There is a lot of discussion, here and elsewhere about how fair, or unfair, life really is.  The question I tried to discuss is just how fair life really should be.
  • Check out some of the post categories available: Small Business, Taxes, Job Hunting, and Investing all provide plenty of advice to help you make your money, make it grow, and keep from giving more of it to the government than needed.  If you want more of a humorous take, you can check out some of the funnier posts that I’ve created over the years.
  • Finally, if there is anything you want to talk to me about, please Contact me!  Follow the contact link, or email me at theamateurfinancier [at] gmail [dot] com.

I look forward to seeing you around the blog, and hope to hear from you with any comments you have.  Enjoy The Amateur Financier!

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