Net Worth Update: Post-Thanksgiving Coma

Ah, the days after Thanksgiving, when it is practically traditional that you spend the whole time unconscious and trying to digest the food you were devouring on Thursday in between football games and uncomfortable talks with family members you only see once a year.  (Or is that just my Thanksgiving?)  Anyway, hopefully everyone had a good, relaxing holiday, because it’s back to work on Monday for everyone who still has a job!

Speaking of jobs (and my lack thereof), my big news this weekend is that I’m getting unemployment again!  Now, don’t get me wrong, I’d much rather be working and getting paid than collecting unemployment (and not just because unemployment only covers a fraction of what I was earning, even after all the taxes I paid on my income were taken into account), but it’s a nice safety net to have available.  It also means that I don’t have to worry quite so much about making ends meet for next few months, which is especially helpful given the forthcoming holiday season.  So, all in all, some pretty good news for me on that front.

Let’s see where my finances stand, given this new source of temporary income:

Net Worth 11-28-2009A

Net Worth 11-28-2009B
Not too much to report; I put more money into my Roth IRA which did a good job of off setting the recent downturn.  Getting money deposited into my checking account did my net worth a world of good, and hopefully I’ll continue to make progress in growing my net worth.  (I’ll reach you some day, one million dollar net worth!)

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  1. Hey Rog – I think I may have accidentally deleted your comment in The Katana post by mistake on my bberry. Pls feel free to recomment, sorry. Your other comment went through on prop tax, and I replied. thnx!

    • Thanks for the compliments; it’s not my ideal situation, but it’s nice to have it as a back-up until I find a new position. Here’s hoping it happens soon.

      As for the comment, don’t worry; I’ll revisit and leave another compliment soon.

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