Net Worth Update: May 2013

Happy May Day, everyone!  Here’s hoping you are greeting the start of May, and celebrating the start of Spring in some cultures, with quite a lot of joy and celebration.  If you’re up for it, there’s some interesting history behind May Day (things like protests for workers’ rights, celebrations of the start of Spring, and even Communism play a role in May Day history, apparently), besides the use of the expression as a signal for trouble.

Since May Day also happens to be the start of May, that means it’s time for me to check on my net worth and see where things stand, financially speaking.  I have to tell you, I’m feeling surprisingly optimistic now.  Maybe it’s the bright sunny weather after weeks of overcast, rainy days, maybe it’s the feeling of accomplishment as I help to get our spring cleaning done, or maybe it’s something to do with how our finances are currently doing.  Say, let’s check out that last possibility:

Net Worth May 2013a
Net Worth May 2013b

Hunh, not too much to get happy about here.  I’ve had to cash out more of my Roth to help cover our expenses, cutting the total amount down to less than five thousand dollars.  Even with that thousand dollar boost, our savings are only about half the level they were last month.

To top it all off, my Alexa ranking has taken quite a hit.  The only good point (and the only thing keeping the total Net Worth from declining by more than two thousand dollars altogether) is that a fair portion of that money went to paying down debts, which is reflected in the lower debt total.

With all that going on, what could I possibly have to be happy about, you ask?  Well, we haven’t covered my progress toward my goals yet, so perhaps there’s some positives to be seen there:

Net Worth May 2013c

Overall, pretty impressive.  Sondra and I are keeping up with charity and we’re cutting down that credit card debt at a decent pace.  The most impressive part, though, to me is the alternate income level.  This blog earned ten times more in April than March, and more than twice as much as January, February, and March combined.  Granted, when the total is still just over $10, I suppose there’s quite a bit of room for improvement, but it’s nice to see that such improvement is still possible.  Combine that with the nice weather and the Spring cleaning, and it’s a pretty good reason to feel good, I think.

Anyway, that’s about it for this month.  Here’s hoping you have a great May Day, and a wonderful month of May.

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