Net Worth Update: May 2010

Well, April has come and gone, and good riddance!  Far too many April showers for my taste, to say nothing about the fact that many of them were snow showers… Still, it would have been nice to have a bit more time last month; I’m not entirely sure why, but it seemed even busier than most months lately.

This month has just been insane.  Between the vacation at the start of the month (which was great fun, but did throw me off) to how busy Sondra has been with the end of the semester coming up quickly, it’s just been a month that was much busier in the non-blogging world than I’ve been in quite a while.  I’ve finally managed to get caught up within the past few days, but still, it’s nearly the end of the month; I should have been done with all this by now.  Here’s hoping that May is less hectic and more relaxing.

All of that out of the way, let’s get into the financial details for April:

Net Worth April 2010ANet Worth May 2010B
Not too much to tell; my investments are up a bit, my debts are down quite a bit (hopefully, they’ll be even lower if I can keep my spending in check), and my net worth is slowly climbing up.  If I can keep this up, soon my finances will be in great shape.  (Although, if I can’t find some kind of job, my money supply will take a major hit in a few months when my unemployment benefits run out.)  So, good news, overall.

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