Net Worth Update: March 2013

Well, another month has come and gone by so fast it barely seems to have arrived as all.  Of course, as said month was February, I suppose it’s not that surprising.  Although, with more than a few distractions that have kept me from putting all my effort toward improving my situation, financial or otherwise, it’s been a surprisingly long month at the same time.  (Interesting how a given month can be both incredibly short and insanely long at once, isn’t it?)

Anyway…As it is now the start of March, it is time as always for me to share the current financial standing of me and my wife.  With such a short month, there hasn’t been too much of a change in where things stand.  On one hand, that’s good, since things haven’t gotten worse; on the other, my hopes of greatly improving the our finances will have to wait at least one more month before they can be fulfilled.  (Probably much more than a month, of course, as short of winning the lottery or landing a multi-million dollar book deal, there’s little that could happen in March to rocket us to financial success.)  But enough vague comments; let’s get to the actual Net Worth Update and cover the details:

Net Worth March 2013a

Net Worth March 2013b
So, investments are pretty flat.  It’s been a good thing that I haven’t had to sell any more of our Roth investments to cover our regular monthly expenses.  It’s also nice that our investments went up (slightly) in value since last month, although hardly enough to cover any future withdraws.  Not too much to report there.

The savings and debt area is a bit more interesting.  The savings are significantly lower than last month, but the debts are also lower, so it basically evens out (actually, a slight increase in value, although not even three digits’ worth).  Given that most of the cashed=out savings were spent to pay down some of the medical expenses, there’s not much to report, which is kind of nice given the incredibly hectic month lately.  The problem is that as I’m still waiting to file our tax return and get our refund (long story; short version is that one of Sondra’s employers last year is an ass and hasn’t gotten her the W-2 form from the time she worked there yet), it will likely be time to dip into the Roth again by this time next month.  But here’s hoping it doesn’t come to that.

For a positive note, my Alexa ranking has gone up by over 20,000 points, putting this blog in a much better position to be profitable and otherwise generate a sizable side income.  While we’re on that subject, let’s see where my goals stand after February:

Net Worth March 2013c

So, alternate income is still in the single digits; not nearly enough to serve as an actual source of funds for anything more than the occasional pack of gum, although hopefully that will improve soon (I have a decent deal or two in the works).  There was a small amount of credit card debt reduction, although not nearly what I was hoping.  (Although as I was hoping to have it completely paid off, perhaps that’s more an issue of my high expectations rather than the slow progress in credit card debt elimination.)  Charitable donations are right on course, so that’s one fairly positive thing to report.

Overall, not a horrible month.  With any luck, March will prove to be even better, and April will even better than that, and so on.  Here’s hoping you had a good (and profitable) February, and that you have an even better March!

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