Net Worth Update: March 2010

Wow, February went by fast, didn’t it?  I suppose this is to be expected, since it is the shortest month, but dang, twenty-eight days never seemed to move so quickly.  It’s probably a sign that I’m getting old; when I was younger, it seemed to take forever for each day to go by, let alone an entire month.

I suppose this is part of growing older, partially because it puts time into perspective, and partially because we inevitably get busier.  Yes, the carefree days of youth are long since past, and even when I’m between jobs, there is inevitably so much to be done.  In fact, it seems like I’m even busier now; looking for jobs is nearly a full-time job itself, to say nothing of trying to keep my blog running, doing chores around the house (I’m the official dishwasher and dog walker at home, among other things) and doing other hobbies.  Pretty soon, the whole day is gone.  Plus, apparently the day is literally getting shorter; NASA notes that the recent earthquake in Chile actually shifted the Earth’s axis, shortening the day.

Alas, such is life, I suppose.  We have to adapt to whatever life throws our way, even shorter days and more work to be crammed into them.  With that out of the way, let’s get to the real fun; it’s time to go over how my financial situation has changed in the last month:

Net Worth Update March1Net Worth Update March2

Money-wise, February was pretty good; I increased my net worth a bit, decreased my outstanding debt a little (although, since I pay off my credit cards each month, this means I spent nearly as much in February as I did in January, when I spent more than I was planning to spend), and my investments did alright overall.

You’ll also notice an interesting addition on the bottom of my net worth chart.  Since I joined the Financial Samurai Alexa Challenge last month, I thought it might be fun (and informative) to start keeping track of my Alexa ranking right along with my net worth.  In the course of a month (actually, less than a month; the starting number was taken on February 5th, and of course, February is the shortest month) my ranking jumped up more than 100,000 ranks, putting my humble little blog solidly in the top half-million websites IN THE WORLD!

Most incredibly, more than half of the gain occurred over this past weekend; I went from 515,000 on Friday to 480,000 on Saturday to 460,000 on Sunday.  I’m not sure what exactly what made this weekend so special, although my post on death taxes brought out more responses than I usually see.  A few more weekends like that, and I’ll make my goal of 200,000 by July 4th easily.  Banzai!

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