Net Worth Update: June 2013

Ah, June is here at last.  Or perhaps I should I say, June is here already.  I know I say this at the start of just about every month, but last month went by quickly and seemed to barely even pause.  When you spend most of each day waking up, taking care of a little baby, trying to do some side work to earn a little money, and helping with the housework like a good husband, said days tend to blend together and go by at a pretty good clip.

On the plus side, I’ve actually managed to get a lot more done this month than I have recently.  I’ve been keeping up on my blogging, I’ve been applying to more jobs than normal, and I’ve been finishing some side projects I’ve been meaning to accomplish for, well, months now.  None of this has lead to huge increases in money (yet), but by the end of next month, there should be a pretty decent difference in my net worth toward the positive side.  Speaking of my Net Worth, let’s see where it stands at the start of June:

Net Worth June 2013a

Net Worth June 2013b

A lot happened this month, as you can see.  The investments have all but disappeared.  The remaining money in the Vanguard Roth was cashed out so there’s some money available in the bank accounts for, well, everything you need money for nowadays (which is basically everything).  My wife also cashed out her 401(k), which I never listed on here before, so that added even more money to the bank accounts.  My 401(k) has been transferred from Fidelity to Vanguard, though, so that is still technically there, just currently in fund transfer limbo.  All of which means our investment portfolio is limited to Lending Club, and there’s not much in there.

There’s not too much else to report, though.  The savings account totals are much, much higher because, well, most of the retirement accounts have been cashed out and transferred into them.  On the debt end of thing, the debts are lower thanks to steady paying off of what is owed (which will happen with a decent chunk of the cashed out money, lest you think I didn’t learn anything from my years of PF blogging).

On a positive note, my Alexa score is doing quite well.  Plenty of hard blog work has resulted in a decent (although far from fantastic) score, one that I should be able to make downright excellent in the near future.  With some skill, I should be able to turn that into a sizable source of alternate income (or income, period). Speaking of alternate income, let’s see how my Goals for 2013 are doing:

Net Worth June 2013c

Not the most impressive month.  Alternate income is slightly lower than last month (although thankfully, still in the same general range).  I do have some more impressive income sources lined up for June, so this should be a more impressive value at the start of July.  Credit card pay-down is doing pretty well, better than I was expecting, actually; with some even harder effort in this area, I should have the Mastercard debt significantly lowered (or dare I say, paid off) by the end of the year, and then can make a sizable dent in the Amex debt.

The charitable donation spot is a tricky area.  On one hand, I definitely want to make donations equal to ten percent of what my wife and I earn, which is where that goal stands.  On the other hand, I’m not exactly rolling in dough myself at the moment; that $250 would have done me more than a little good, as well.  I’ll probably stick with $50 a month, and if by the end of the year I’m doing much better financially, I’ll make a large charitable contribution as part of my Christmas giving.

That’s where things stand financially at the start of June.  Here’s hoping everyone reading this is doing much better financially, and that you continue to have a wonderful and financially successful life.  Have a happy June!

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