Net Worth Update: June 2012

Sometimes, life throws us some pretty serious curve balls.  Take right now, for example: I’m writing this article in a darkened computer lab on my university campus, sitting in my pajamas and flip-flops, being thankful that my memory of my numerous passwords was sharp enough to recall my WordPress password and get me into my blog.  Why am I wearing pajamas and (since I know you’re curious) Kermit the Frog flip-flops on campus, you ask?  Well, there was apparently some sort of fire at my apartment complex at 4:00 this morning, and with somewhere in the neighborhood of ninety suites for the fire department to search through to find the source of the fire, it’s going to take hours from the time I write this (6:30 a.m.) before they finish and let myself and my neighbors return to our building.  When I first heard the alarm, I went outside in my pajamas after tossing on some flip-flops, thinking this was some sort of mistake (which happened the night before last, the third time the alarm has gone off with no fire in the three weeks I’ve lived at this particular building) and that I’d be able to head back to my apartment and my bed in ten, fifteen minutes tops.  That was over two hours ago.

Since I don’t even have a car available to sleep in or any nearby friends on whose couch I could crash, that pretty much left me with no options but heading on campus in the hopes of being at least semi-productive with myself during this unexpected time I’m conscious.  Still, as much as I might complain, it could be worse.  I didn’t encounter the fire (or even any of the smoke the firefighters said was filling half the apartment building) during my evacuation, I remembered to grab my keys and wallet, allowing me to get back into the apartment when this is all over (more than a few people didn’t remember to get theirs, and will have plenty of problems getting back inside) and I’m living close enough to campus to easily walk to the computer lab, even in flip-flops.  For that matter, it’s almost a good thing that this turned out to be a serious, real incident; if this had been another mistake, I might have started thinking that anything short of my room actually being on fire was the alarm going off mistakenly and ignored it entirely.  (My first reaction was to do just that, burying my head under my pillows and only coming out when more than five minutes had passed; even then, I took my time going and made sure to use the rest room before I evacuated.)  Sometimes we need a reminder of the bad things that can happen in life, even if the reminder itself is less than fun.

Now, for an update: apparently, what caused the fire was a lightning strike that, on top of causing a fire and releasing some pretty foul smelling gases into the air, also shorted out some of our electric wiring.  My apartment building will be without power for AT LEAST a week, possibly as many as eight weeks (which is when my subletting arrangement ends and I have to leave and find somewhere else to live.  On the plus side, they have provided me and my fellow apartment dwellers with a place to stay during this whole situation, and are going to give us meal plans, to boot (so one of my bigger potential expenses during the summer, covering my food supply, could end up being taken care of).  On the minus side, I’ll be a dorm room, with a roommate, yet again, to say nothing of the fact that this is my fourth place to live in as many months, and I’m tired of moving.  (Particularly in this circumstance; have you ever tried to carry everything you’ll need for the next six to eight weeks on you at one time?  It’s not a fun experience, I’ll tell you that.)  Oh, well, I’m doing my best to stay upbeat in this whole situation, and hopefully I’ll be productive throughout the rest of the summer.

So, that’s what’s been going in my life in the past seven hours.  Now, though, it’s time to get to the real fun of this article, looking at what’s happened to my finances over the last month:

There’s not much in the way of good news to report.  (Fitting, I suppose, for a month that has begun with me having to vacate my apartment in the middle of the night (in the rain), and cover into a dorm room.)  My investments took quite a hit, and from the news I’ve been hearing, I’m not the only one who hasn’t been that lucky this May.  My bank accounts are getting a bit low, which is not surprising, as I had to cover my rent for the entire summer this month.  (Even though it now looks like I might not spend too much time in the place I originally was renting.)  There’s not too much good news regarding my debts, but luckily there’s not much bad news, either.  (Although, when I’m paying nearly as much interest towards my student loans as I do to my credit cards, it’s a good reminder that even ‘good’ debt isn’t that good for your financial health.)  Even my Alexa score has seen better days, although hopefully my renewed efforts into promoting my blog (and the occasional contest) will help to boost my score there.

On the subject of getting things back in order, let’s see how things line up for side income and my other goals for this year:

Not too shabby on the side income end, although I need to make much more progress in order to turn my side income from blogging and other pursuits into a major portion of my monthly income (and beyond that, to possibly turn it from side income into main income).  Credit card debt is still being troublesome, although with most of my medical bills paid and my living arrangement taken care of the next few months, at least, I can hopefully cut that down somewhat before June is out (and with some success in finding a decent paying job, I can hopefully eliminate a significant amount of said debt by the end of the year).  I cut back a bit on my charitable giving this month, mainly due to the fact that I only received one paycheck, because of the start of summer and how paydays fall.  I’ll have to make up for it in the future; in the worst case scenario, I’ll have one heck of a Christmas gift to send off to these charitable organizations.

So, that’s where I stand as we start the month of June.  It’s going to be a pretty busy month, between doing my research, writing my thesis, keeping my blog up to date, and oh yeah, doing everything needed to keep me healthy (including the already described tests that will occupy most of my time next week), but as always, it’s nice to stay productive.  Here’s to a great June, everyone!

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