Net Worth Update: June 2010

Wow, it’s June already?  May went by way too quickly, I’m still trying my best to get caught up with blogging, housework and my personal life (what little there is of it, there seems).  It didn’t help that May started with my fiancee working her cute butt off with the pending end of school and ended with me working thirty hours a week or so at Wal-Mart, mostly lifting heavy things for the bulk of the shift.  It barely seems like I barely had time to think about my blog, let alone write anything.   (Let’s not even get started on how little time I’ve had to browse the various blogs I follow, including my fellow Yakezie; I’m basically a month behind at this point…)

Anyway, enough complaining about how busy life is getting; busy is pretty much the modern American’s natural state of being, from the age of twelve on.  (Or possibly even younger, if what I keep hearing about schools overloading the little whippersnappers is accurate.)  No sense complaining, particularly when I’ve brought most of my busy-ness on myself.  Just have to keep plugging away, doing what I can and trying to do even more.  And on that note, onto the main attraction, my finances as of this month:

Net Worth June 2010ANet Worth June 2010B
May was pretty rough, investment-wise.  Now, I try to console myself with the fact that most of my investments are for retirement, and therefore, the day to day (or month to month, as the case may be) variations of the value don’t really matter.  Still, there’s something about ‘losing’ over two thousand dollars in a month that hurts a bit.  Add in a high month of credit card expenses (although, we (that is, me and my fiancee) have agreed to cut down the credit card usage for the foreseeable future, so that should help on that part of my net worth.)  Here’s hoping that June turns out better!

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