Net Worth Update – July 2010

July is well on its way to being a very busy, very exciting month for me, and it’s barely even started.  Here are a few of the things waiting in the wings this month:

  • I’m starting graduate school in the fall, which means putting my job hunt aside for the moment (at least, until I know how much time, if any, I’ll be able to devote to working, after taking care of school work and possible work study)
  • My fiancee’s grandmother and uncle are coming out to visit us (and my future mother in law) this month, so we’ve been in a whirlwind attempt to clean and have everything spotless by the time they arrive.  It’s Spring Cleaning multiplied by twenty around here lately.
  • Speaking of my fiancee, this month is our anniversary.  We can’t remember whether it’s the 17th or the 19th of this month (which probably tells you more than you need to know about both of our memories, as well as how much importance we prescribe to a particular date).  In either event, we’ll have to find some way of celebrating when the middle of the month rolls around.
  • Last, but far from least, July brings with it the Fourth of July, an always fun time to be an American. This year, the fourth also has the added pleasure of being when the first stage of the Yakezie challenge ends.  I’ve managed to meet my first goal (although sadly, my secondary goal of leveraging my blog to achieve global domination has yet to be met), so we’ll have to see what stage two of this challenge will bring.

All in all, a pretty busy looking month.  With all that going on, it’s almost hard to focus on my finances; still, I know I need to keep an eye on them to keep everything under control. So, here’s how my finances look this month:

Net Worth July 2010A

Net Worth July 2010B
Not too much to report.  I had to rollover my 401(k) from my last job to a traditional IRA (which I kept at Fidelity in their Freedom Fund), but unless you look pretty closely, you might not even see that.  My mony market fund at Vanguard was closed for insufficient funds.  And my Alexa ranking has decreased (well, gone up, but since I’m trying to reach a lowered rank, going up is bad).  An interesting month last month; next month promises to be even more interesting.

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