Net Worth Update: February 2012

The weather seems to be getting weirder and weirder lately.  You might recall from my Yakezie Carnival introduction that it has been a surprisingly snow-less January.  Well, in one of those odd coincidences that make me think that God is listening to me (and has an odd sense of humor), later that very day we had a snow storm that was so severe, and occurred so suddenly, that I was almost afraid to drive.   But in less than an hour, it had finished, leaving an inch of snow.  That alone would be pretty odd, but then yesterday, a mere two days later, the temperature is up to 60 Farenheit (about 15 Celsius, if all that metric training I had as a biochemistry undergrad is worth anything).  I have been walking my dog without even wearing a jacket and feeling a bit warm while doing so.  It is nuts.

So, it is in a world where the weather seems to be going mad, I find myself looking over my finances, as always, trying to figure out where my monetary situation stands.  It’s always interesting to see where things stand, and of course, it’s hard to determine how to improve your finances unless you know what improvements you need to make.  So, with little more ado, here’s where my finances stand:

So, quite a few changes have occurred in the last thirty-one days.  On the investment side of things, I’ve sold my non-retirement investment in the Vanguard STAR fund, using the money to cut down my credit card debt.  I’ve also put much of my most recent student loan installment toward decreasing my outstanding credit card debt; it seems appropriate, as much of the debt accrued as a result of my needs when joining graduate school.  So, on the plus side, my credit card debt is much lower than before, but my net worth has taken a big hit anyway.  Not the best possible result, but still, it could be worse.

On a much, much, MUCH happier note, my Alexa score is doing significantly better than last month.  (Hosting two carnivals, the aforementioned Yakezie Carnival and the Carnival of Financial Planning, in the space of a few days will do that to you.)  On that note, let’s see how the rest of my resolutions and goals for the year are doing:

Not too shabby; my alternate income, while not nearly as high as last month, still did pretty well, and my charitable giving for the year is actually ahead of the game.  The credit card paydown thing is tricky one; on one hand, I did technically cut down my credit card debt by more than four thousand dollars, on the other hand, I added six thousand dollars to my student loan debt, so it’s not exactly a clean debt elimination.  So, I decided to set a new goal line of sorts: if I can get that Amex debt under nine thousand dollars, I can consider my ‘Repay $5000 in Credit Card Debt’ resolution as complete.

It’s been an interesting year so far, in both weather and my money.  Here’s hoping that the rest of the year continues to be productive and entertaining.

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