Net Worth Update: December 2013

Ah, the end of the year is upon us.  Snow has been falling around here already, with plenty to be shoveled over the past week.  Between Turkey Day (aka, Thanksgiving), Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the holiday season is off to busy start, and there’s still three weeks to go before Christmas actually gets here.  That said, time is getting short before the year meets its end, which means that there is almost no time left to get your finances in order before 2013 comes to an end.

As for me, it’s been a pretty busy 2013.  A lot has happened to me and my family over this past year (sadly, mostly negative), and it’s been reflected in how much our finances have changed (again, mostly for the negative).  It’s been a years with a lot of highs and a lot of lows (more lows, again, sadly); before we talk about it anymore, though, let’s get into the good stuff and go over our finances:

Net Worth December 2013a

Net Worth December 2013b

We’ve finally cashed out the remaining portion of the Roth, which is definitely a disappointment.  I have hoped to keep that as a true emergency fund, but well, we’re pretty solidly in emergency territory when we have gone more than a year without our regular income.  It’s hardly fantastic stuff, but it’s still pretty much what you try to do as you make your way through life, I suppose.

On the plus side, the cashed out money has gone to good use.  Our bank accounts are back up solidly in the black, and the debt is being knocked down at a pretty steady pace.  I’m not saying it’s a fantastic month or anything, but when you manage to improve your net worth by nearly $1200, it’s worth calling it a win overall.  Add in an Alexa ranking boost to my blog rankings, and I’m actually pretty happy about how November has turned out.  Speaking of how things are going with my blog, let’s see where the blog, and the rest of my resolutions, currently stand:

Net Worth December 2013c

Alright, there is some pretty good news to report here.  This increasingly profitable blog drew in nearly as much money in the past month as I earned in the previous ten, which, if I can keep the profitability going, I’ll be able to provide for the Christmas shopping this year (and who knows, perhaps even more).  The credit card pay down is still pretty solid, and the charitable donations are well, non-existent.

Still, a pretty solid month all in all.  How has your December been starting?  Do you think your year will end on a solid financial footing?

Image Source: Wikimedia

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