Net Worth Update: August 2013

I don’t know about you, but July was a pretty busy month for me.  Between the visit from my family at the start of the month and the immense amount of technical trouble here at the end (some of which I’m still resolving, in case you notice any continued trouble), I’ve been busier than normal, and things are pretty hectic already much of the time.  Being a part-time househusband, part-time job-hunter, part-time blogger can be surprisingly busy at times.

That brings us to the current month, August.  Besides being busy, July was also pretty expensive (and it involved taking on another debt, or rather, officially adding it to the net worth list, but a bit more on that once cover all the debts).  With all of that stage setting aside, it’s time to actually get to the fun of these articles, the Net Worth!  Alright, perhaps it’s not the most fun thing in the world, but let’s get on with the show:

Net Worth August 2013a

Net Worth August 2013b

Let’s start with the biggest point: the tuition in the debts.  It’s a tuition from my wife’s undergraduate college career for an unattended semester. Short version: she registered for the semester, didn’t attend because she had already gotten all the credits she needed to graduate (and had officially graduated, in fact), but due to some bureaucratic problems, was still charged for the semester.  After several years of attempting to get the issue resolved without payment, things have fallen pretty much to paying off the tuition or never eliminating the debt.

Other than that, there’s not much to be report.  There was a small increase in the investment total (thanks to some good markets) and a pretty big drop in savings (paying for bills and paying down debts).  The debts’ value is much higher (more negative), mostly due the aforementioned tuition costs being added.  It’s not one of my best months, but it’s far from the worst, and there shouldn’t be any more sharp declines in the future, now that all the known (and unresolved) debts have been added.

On the plus side, I’ve gotten the Alexa ranking for this blog to just above 200,000, a level I haven’t been at since last November.  If I can manage to monetize this blog more effectively (something that was at least part of my motivation for the changes that led to my recent technical trouble, but I digress), perhaps I can slow, or maybe reverse, some of the money losses I keep having.  While we’re talking about bringing in more money through alternate income:

Net Worth August 2013c

Not an ideal month for any of my goals, I’m sad to say.  Alternate income dropped to nearly nothing (the technical difficulties at the end of this month haven’t helped).  The credit card pay down for this month wasn’t that impressive, although I’m happy that I continue to make a dent in that huge level of debt.  I’ve been keeping the charitable donations up and going at least, but my goals (10% of the income of myself and my wife) are still far exceeding my donations (although, perhaps I’m overshooting our ability to make donations, given our current situation).

That’s how things stand at the opening of August.  With luck, effort, and skill (and getting these technical issues resolved, of course), there will be some far better news to rely come the start of September.  Here’s hoping that everyone has a great, and highly profitable, August!

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