Net Worth Update: August 2011

Another month, another update to see where my finances stand.  The summer is nearly done, the school season is nearly upon us again, and my research is giving me more troubles than I would have thought possible.  It looks like I’m going to have start all over once again.  So, that’s all kinds of fun right there.

If that weren’t enough, Sondra’s wisdom teeth removal had some complications (namely, her teeth didn’t want to come out), so we had to go to an oral surgeon on top of the cost of the dentist.  Add in the costs of trying to get the air conditioning in my car repaired and making two trips out to see my mother on the other side of the state, and it’s been a pretty expensive July.

With all that introduction out of the way, let’s see where my personal finances stand:

So, all that preparatory explanation stuff I made you read through up there?  Hopefully it helped keep this from being too much of a surprise.  My investments are down, my savings have been nearly wiped out (mostly trying to pay down my credit cards, or at least keep them from growing even faster), and said credit cards have even higher balances.  Not a good month; although, I have reached new heights with my Alexa ranking, so there is a little silver to this cloud of woe.  On that note, let’s see where I stand on my goals:

Not too shabby; my alternate income is down a bit, but all those trips I mentioned and helping to take care of Sondra after her operations did kind of cut into my ability to make money from around the internet.  The charitable donations are proceeding pretty well, although there is some room for improvement there.  Hopefully, when my student loans come in, I’ll be able to put some of the money towards charity, as well as keeping my own head above water.  Here’s hoping August is a good month for all of you, as well!

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