Net Worth Update: April 2012

I know what you’re thinking (you might not realize it, but I can read minds through internet connections  *makes spooky sounds*).  You’re thinking, ‘I thought that March was one of those month with 31 days in it.  Hey, wait a second, this is some odd type of April Fool’s joke that you’re trying to play on us, and you’re doing it a day early, to boot!  I remember how you used your Net Worth Update last April to fool us, and you’re not going to be successful this time!’

Well, that’s a darn good memory you have there, hypothetical dedicated reader.  Yes, last year I did try to have some fun using my monthly Net Worth Update, and that’s actually why I’m doing this year’s April Net Worth Update a day early; that way, there’s no thought in anyone’s mind that I’m trying to trick you again.  Besides, I don’t know about you, but I think it’s a bit lazy to do the same joke two years in a row; trust me when I say that if I do something for April Fool’s, it’ll be more creative than that.  *Mwahahaha!*

On that note, let’s see where my finances stand at the start of April, 2012 (or the end of March, if you insist):

Kind of a rough month, all in all.  My investments showed decent growth (although, the foreign funds took a bit of a hit), but I’m pretty sure that before too long, that will have to slow down.  I have about as much in my savings as I did at the start of March, which is pretty nice.  It’s the credit cards that are a bit rough.  The American Express is about the same (although, since it’s nearly maxed out and I rarely use it, that’s not saying much), but the Mastercard is climbing up there as well.  Granted, most of the charges on the Mastercard this month have been health related (or paying for a dorm room/meal plan now that I live on campus; that’s nearly $2000 right there) but still, not what I was hoping to see.  There is one plus in all of this (well, besides my investment growth): My Alexa score is as low as it’s ever been, and I’m definitely starting to see the effect of that popularity on my blog and my blog income.  Speaking of which:


Alright, the alternate (aka, mostly blog) income is pretty low, mainly because I spent most of March unable to get much done (and then scrambling to get caught up when I recovered).  Add in the fact that I only include things like Adsense in the month I receive the payment (next month will be a pretty decent one, by the way), and a $0 alternative income total shouldn’t be that shocking.  As mentioned above, this month has also been hell when it’s come to credit cards, hence the credit card paydown going in the opposite direction I was hoping.  At least I’m still keeping up with my monthly donations (although even there, I’m falling a bit behind).

Clearly I need to make some improvements.  Still, when I consider that I could be in much worse shape physically (I try not to even think about what would have happened if I had my seizure while driving, rather than while being in the lab), a few monetary hiccups don’t seem so bad.  Here’s to having a rising net worth to report next month!

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