Net Worth Update: May 2012

I try not to promote things in this blog that I won’t take advantage of myself.  There’s a lot of things in the personal finance world that represent good ideas, and even more that aren’t so good.  Although I’m approached by dozens of would-be article writers and advertisers each week, I do what I am able to allow only the best of information to get through to you, my readers.

So, when I tell you that the Only 72 fellows have another great group of personal finance eBooks (and this time around, a physical book, as well) available, a group and deal that I’d highly recommend, I hope you take me at my word.  I will be the first to admit, the link included in the previous sentence is an affiliate link, which if you follow it to order your copy of the eBooks, will give me a portion of your spending (50%, if you were wondering).  That said, I genuinely believe that these books are going to be quite helpful to most bloggers (enough to have bought my own set already), and if you’re interested in purchasing them as well, I’d appreciate if you buy through me.  Thanks very much.

Now, on with the discussion of where my finances stand this month:

Honestly, there’s not too much to report, overall.  My investments took a minor hit during the month (as sometimes happens when you’re invested in stock mutual funds), my bank accounts are a bit lower, and I owe a great deal more on my credit cards.  That last point is due primarily to paying back various charges accumulated during my time in the hospital, so it’s not terribly surprising.  Most every other account is pretty much where it was last week, and my Alexa Ranking is still rising (hopefully it’ll be under 100,000 before too long), which is always nice to see.  So overall, not too horrible (although all the costs associated with my illness are certainly starting to catch up).

Let’s see how my attempts at meeting my goals for the year are going:

Sort of a mixed bag, altogether.  My alternative income wasn’t too shabby (although, I still need to do a lot more to get my monthly blogging income up above $1000 per month, and then beyond).  My credit cards are, alas, only getting more debt added to them (although, when I finished getting all the medical issues under control, that should decrease sharply).  My charitable donations are pretty solid, although I’m slowly accumulating enough of an ‘Additional Donation Needed’ sum that I’ll need to do something about it.  April’s not going to go down in history as one of my best months, but it wasn’t too bad, either, particularly coming as it does on the heels of a major medical situation.

So, that’s where my finances stand at the moment.  Here’s hoping that your financial situation is going pretty well, to boot.  If you’re still considering it, a reminder that the Only72 eBooks would make some good reading, and that I’d appreciate it if you purchase this set of eBooks through my links.  Thanks, and have a great month!

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  1. Sam, studies are coming along; with the semester nearly ending, though, there’s the normal hustle and bustle of studying up and getting all my grading done to add to the pressure. I have a few job leads, although nothing too solid yet. My biggest problem at the moment is finding a place to live over the summer that is close enough to walk to and from my lab each day that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg in rent.

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