Monthly Round-Up: I have a Master’s Degree!

It’s taken me over two years, and plenty of effort, but I’ve finally achieved a goal I’ve been working toward since mid-2010: I have a Master’s Degree in Chemistry*!  Yes, I finally have added the next stage to my education, and hopefully will be able to use this degree to gain a new and better job.  It’s a wonderful feeling to have, all in all.  (*Alright, the degree won’t be rewarded until the 15th, but still, I took all the needed courses, my thesis is finished, it has been defended.  It’s all done but the paperwork.)

Of course, in doing all this work to get my Master’s Degree, I’ve had to put some other goals on the side, particularly in the past few weeks as I attempted to finalize my thesis and prepare to defend it.  This very blog, in particular, has taken more than a few hits, most noticeably when it comes to my round-up posts.  Rather than once a week, as I have done (or at least tried to do) in the past, I’ve gone more than a month since my last round-up.  (Which interestingly enough happens to discuss my incredibly level of thesis work.)  So this round-up, to try to make up for some of the lost time, I’ve attempted to gather up some of the best posts written by my fellow Yakezie members from the past month to make up for lost time.  Read on and enjoy!

Great Yakezie Posts

How to Increase Traffic To Your Site – If I’m looking at good Yakezie member posts over the past month, I might as well start with a Yakezie post, this one on increasing traffic to your website.  As I definitely want to do so myself, particularly as I find myself between jobs and with a little baby on the way, I’ll have to keep these suggestions from Sam of Financial Samurai in mind.

What Should I Do Before Quitting My Job? 15 Things to Consider – Speaking of the Financial Samurai, here he shares some thoughts you should consider before you put in your two week notice.  I particularly like the comment about the bank of Mom and Dad; for many of us younger types, that is a major consideration.

Caffe’ Corretto: How to Properly Accept a Job Offer – If you find yourself being offered a job, there are some good and bad ways to accept it.  Want to know some of the good ways?  101 Centavos has some great thoughts on the subject, mainly stressing to be decisive, stressing your interest (and sharing any needs you have) up front.

More Sex, Happy Life – How could I resist a title like that?  This article on How’s Married Life shares some of the advantages of sex, from simple physical pleasure to increased ability to focus.  Just in case you needed more incentive to have sex, read some of advantages listed here.

What is the Fiscal Cliff? – You’ve probably heard it mentioned a few (hundred) times, but if you haven’t learned exactly what the ‘fiscal cliff’ consists of, this article from Barbara Friedberg should set you straight.  You’ll also get some good advice on how to handle things to minimize your financial damage before we hit the cliff.

Continuing a Free But AWESOME Christmas Tradition – There’s a lot of things you can do to make the holiday special, not all of which require you to break out the wallet.  Crystal of Budgeting in the Fun Stuff shares a few good traditions in her house, which she enjoys without spending a bundle.

Do You Have a Job Loss Emergency Plan? – It’s something a lot of us have to deal with, sad to say.  It’s much easier to handle if you and your spouse have a plan about what to do if it happens.  Elle of Couple Money shares some of the things you’ll need to consider as you build up a plan if one (or both) of you loss your job(s).

I Had Multiple Careers and You Should Too! – I’m not sure you need to encourage anyone to have multiple careers anymore; staying in the same career for decades is definitely a trend of the past.  Still, KrantCents shares some good reasons to try different jobs throughout your life.

Why Close is Often Good Enough When Managing Your Money – It’s tempting to strive for perfection in your money management; after all, a few cents here and there can add up to hundreds, even thousands, of dollars in your life.  As Len Penzo notes, though, perfection can be the enemy of your progress, if you put perfection above getting started on organizing your money.

Keep Warm This Winter With Proper Insulation – With the winter coming (and some nights feeling like it’s already here), it’s important to keep warm.  Over on Little House in the Valley, there’s some thoughts on how to keep your house insulated and well heated during the season.

If You are an Employee Your Right to Complain is Limited – Here, Evan of My Journey to Millions takes an interesting perspective on the recent events at Papa John’s, Hostess and Target.  I don’t completely agree (perhaps it my friends and how I was raised, but I tend to side more with the workers in such situations), but it is interesting to hear how the owners of such companies likely feel.

Does it Cost Less When One Person Moves Out? – An interesting thought, and certainly one I’ll have to consider when my soon-to-be-born girl turns eighteen.  Over on Out of Debt Again, there’s some discussion of how their youngest child moving out seems to have cut their electricity costs; definitely something to consider.

7 Last Minute Tips for Black Friday Shoppers – It’s a bit dated, I know, but if you are planning to do any further shopping this holiday season, these tips from Joe Plemon of Personal Finance by the Book should help you out.  I’d particularly recommend checking online; not only can you save money, but staying away from the crowds can save you a ton of time.

6 Examples of When Not to be Frugal – You rarely hear this from personal finance bloggers, but there are times when you are better served by not trying to save every possible cent.  Here, Squirrelers lays out some of those times, to show when a few extra dollars are worth it in the long run.

How I Plan to Retire – Speaking of personal finance bloggers, one thing we can agree on is that trying to retire (or at least, get out of a job you have and do what you love for a living) by saving should not be your only path. Kevin, the Thousandaire, notes that he plans to retire by building up sources of passive income, an increasing goal for those of us who don’t want to keep working until we die (or build up millions in net worth).

Where The Amateur Financier Was Featured

With nearly a month of carnivals to catch up on, there’s of places where my writings have been included.  Let’s start with my review of the Motley Fool Money Guide.  It was included in the Carnival of Retirement hosted by Family Money Values, the Carnival of Financial Camaraderie #56 from See Debt Run and the Weekend Ramblings & PF Blog Love: Stress, Stress, Stress Edition from Young and Thrifty.  (A feeling I could certainly relate to these past few weeks.)

My talk about the 3 Negative Side Effects of Pregnancy was a popular one, in spite of being a bit off topic for a PF blog (I’m guessing more than a few people have had to deal with a pregnancy like this, or are worried about what will happen if they ever do).  It was included in the Carnival of Financial Camaraderie #57 on My University Money, the Carnival of Money Pros: Growing Edition from Growing Money Smart, and the Yakezie Carnival – Thanksgiving Edition hosted on iHeartBudgets.

That conversation on pregnancy wasn’t done yet, though.  It was also featured in Weekend Ramblings-November 17 from Young and Thrifty, Canadian Personal Finance Happy Hour – Travel Bug Edition (proving that pregnancy worries extend above the border), and the Carnival of Retirement from Making Sense of Cents.

My thoughts on Six Ways to Support Veterans were included in numerous carnivals and round-ups, such as Young and Thrifty’s Weekend Ramblings – Black Friday! edition, Finance Product Reviews’ Carnival of Retirement #47, the Yakezie Carnival: The End of Black Friday Edition from My Family Finances (as if Black Friday ends any time before Christmas, really), and the Carnival of Money Pros from Vanessa’s Money.

Alright, so my Round-Up for the month of November is now complete.  Hopefully by next week I will be back to making a Round-Up once a week; it’s much easier than trying to

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