Why Men Need to Visit the Spa

It’s time to stop denying men the pleasure of treating themselves to a spa day. Though in many cultures public baths and spas were a place where both men and women gathered for social interaction, in modern North America it is mostly associated with women.

If you think that it’s silly that men are starting to visit your local spa or clinic, it’s time to revaluate the benefits for them, their partners, and the spas themselves.

The Men

People have skin, people have hair, people have wrinkles, and people have stress. Those are enough reasons for both men and women to frequent spas and clinics on a regular basis. A microdermabrasion session that will mechanically remove deal stratum corneum cells or a glycolic peel will enhance the skin’s health, just like laser hair removal can deal with excessive growth. Men are spending more time and money than ever before on grooming and taking a professional approach means less at home care.

Getting things taken care of “permanently”, like laser hair removal or laser skin resurfacing means that there’s less money being spent on a daily basis on shaving, hiding insecurities, and more. There are many treatments that spas offer that can be seen as a long-term investment that makes sense, even if you overlook all the other benefits it provides.

Taking care in your appearance also promotes self-confidence, a sense of security, and can promote good health. These are attractive qualities to have in both men and women, often resulting in perks like promotions, friendships, and successful relationships. A bonus feature for those battling with issues like anxiety or depression, this expression of self care can be found to be very therapeutic and positive.

Their Partners

There are a number of ways in which partners of “spa men” can benefit from their “spa habits”. First of all, they will be more understanding in situations in which you think that professional clinical or spa help is needed to treat an issue you have, be that lax skin, pigmentation issues, or poor skin tone. Instead of making you feel guilty for spending a little extra on something that will help you a lot, they will be supportive in you getting the treatment you need.

Other than their empathy, you’ll also get them in their best state: happy, relaxed, and sure of themselves. Everyone knows that that’s the secret to a great relationship- people who are happy independently as well as together. It also means that you have an easy gift idea for any occasion- a preferred treatment at the spa! Some you can even do together as a couple, while others like to make the spa the focus of their trips when they vacation.

The Spas

Though women are great, that’s only roughly 50% of the population. When you start tapping into the male demographic, there’s a lot more business to gain. This could mean a huge boost to this section of the economy, promoting more research and development. Spas clearly have much to gain from catering to men, however, there is a lot of work to be done if stereotypes are to be overcome. From decor, marketing, to the style of the personnel, it’s time to make a serious investment in neutralizing the sector so that men can feel comfortable being consumers of it.

Getting spa treatments is more than just about “pampering”. It’s about addressing our health, well being, and making us feel invincible. If men decide to visit the spa, not only will they reap the benefits, but so will their partners and those who spend time with them, as well as those involved in the spa and esthetics industry.


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