How to Make the Best First Impression during an Interview?

Ah yes, the job interview. Always fun. (Side note: unless it is offered, don't bring a soda to the interview.)

Keeping in mind the world famous saying ” the first impression is the last impression”, you often devote your senses towards showing a neat gesture at the start. This is an obvious matter of fact that you don’t get a second option to correct your impression if the first fails. There are many people who make judgements about your professionalism, character and competence based on your first impression. The primary step which all may take is give sweet smile on your face and give a positive virtue towards the spoken words by a renowned representative. But being in the 21st century, the earlier one got washed off just like the bell bottom pants. You need to be more focused on some of the below things which will convert into first impression during an interview, into an ever lasting one.

Best First Impression during an Interview

1. Preparation

Preparation helps you move closer to the success. You need to prepare yourself ahead of time. This certainly doesn’t mean you need check out for a time machine, but gather the information of the subject you will be facing. Like if you are opting for an interview, you should know about the company’s whereabouts. This helps you to appear knowledgeable as well as interesting.

2. Punctuality

You have probably heard about this earlier that a stock in time saves nine. But time has also got its role in creating a better first impression. Since time is the primary competition of human lives, everybody wants to be with people who know the value of time. Being punctual means you are responsible, capable and respectful. Attending any meeting will surely cost you a handful if you are able to make the exposure prior to the scheduled time.

3. Knowledge

If you are attending a meeting to sign a deal, you need to know about the people who are coming and what are they up to. Knowing the respective qualifications and experience of a person you can well know about his strong and weak points. This will help you keep a clean impression as you will find much room in winning at points if you opt to go against them.

4. Listen

Do speak less. Impression lasts longer if you speak little and listen more. This indicates confidence and of course, confident individuals create finer impressions. Many people find that speaking is the only way you reveal yourself but they forget the fact that success comes to those who wait. So, wait for your turn, listen others’ points clearly and learn what they are trying to convey and then speak out your opinion.

5. Firm handshake

Physical contact speaks a lot about your confidence and acceptance. While doing a handshake, you need to make sure that you hand holds firm. Loose contacts denote hesitancy and low self esteem. This declines your impression graph. Hence, making sure that your handshake shows your potential and steadiness you set a positive impression.

There are many such ways to boost up the class of your first impression. But these were the basics of all. These are not required in professionalism but also in our daily lives as well. A person must be free of skepticism and full of boldness when it comes to create a better first impression.


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