The End of a Long (and Busy) Week

I’m not dead, although you’d be forgiven if you thought that might be the case.  No, the story of why I haven’t been updating is fair more mundane, and luckily, nonlethal.  The new semester has started, and this week, both of the graduate level courses I’ve been taking (Instrumental Analysis and Advanced Organic Chemistry I, if you were curious) had their first tests of the semester.  Add in the typical mix of grading undergrad papers, writing my own papers, and running my lab sessions, and there was barely enough time to get everything finished.

For that matter, even when I did have some ‘free’ time this week, I had to spend it trying to get my research work up and running.  I’ve had so much trouble with the research project I’ve been working on that I’m actually further behind in my research progress than I was at this time last year (yes, I’ve managed to go backwards this year, which is almost an accomplishment itself).  Combined with my academic work, and I barely made it back to my apartment before dark most of the days this week.

In short, sorry for the lack of new posts this week

All of this is my elaborate way of trying to explain why I haven’t done much (or, say, anything) in the way of posting new articles this week.  Thank you for your understanding, and here’s to a much more productive (and hopefully, informative) week during this coming week.


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