Learn about the basics of geotechnical engineering

Learn about the basics of geotechnical engineering

Even though our society is moving forward at an amazing pace and we are making technological progress each and every day, there are still some areas that are not easily accessible to our gadgets and devices. For instance, we are still having certain difficulties when it comes to seeing what happens “underground“, i.e. beneath the Earth’s crust. However, geotechnical engineering services offering senior expertise and an integrated design approach are allowing us to gather sufficient data whenever we need to undertake a substantial construction project on an unknown terrain.

In other words, we can take samples of soil and rocks, examine them in a laboratory, and we can then make an informed decision regarding the future of our planned project. Sample testing is a vital step in geotechnical engineering, and technological advancements are continuously improving this segment of operations associated with geotechnical research.

– The importance of sub-surface exploration

The need for knowing what hides beneath the top layer of the soil is immense when it comes to large and elaborate construction activities. What this means is that the foundations of our buildings, underground facilities, and tunnels can sustain enormous damages if we don’t perform the necessary evaluation of the terrain in a timely manner. Of course, this type of preparation brings a range of money-saving benefits as well, not to mention the numerous time-saving effects of not having to demolish the building in question and start everything all over again. By assessing the risks and determining the dangers related to the nature of the terrain, we can modify the architectural properties of the project, and we can take certain actions which could make the construction possible after all.

– How can we perform the research

Geotechnical engineering is usually referred to as the science which tries to explain the mechanics of sub-surface activities, and this field of study is immensely important in modern-day industrial construction. Since we are undertaking more and more complicated projects, the importance of sophisticated equipment consequently grows as well. That is why geotechnical engineering is nowadays performed with the help of highly advanced gadgets and tools, which are monitored by state-of-the-art computer programs and software. The materials in the Earth’s crust are extracted in a convenient and streamlined manner, which allows for quick and efficient evaluation of their properties once they are safely transported to the lab.

– The dangers of not performing the examinations

In case we do not perform the necessary soil and rock tests, our construction project is taking a huge amount of risk of being destroyed in an earthquake, landslide, or a sinkhole. Basically, you could be building your home on a highly unstable terrain without even being aware of the dangers, and this can have dire consequences, some which can even be life-threatening. For this reason, experts are always urging the homeowners to perform the required geotechnical engineering activities, and this step can prove to be the crucial element of saving numerous lives and reducing the overall damages of a natural disaster.

– Industries that rely on geotechnical engineering

Embankments, channels, dikes, reservoirs, or tunnels – all of these projects are commonly present in the modern-day construction industry, but other industrial areas are also using similar terrain modifications. For instance, geotechnical engineering is widely used in the military or in the mining sector, and these fields perform elaborate explorations of seismic activities and other occurrences deep under the surface of the planet. Geophysical surveys can produce a broad range of interesting results, but as we said earlier – money-saving and time-saving effects are of the greatest importance when it comes to using geotechnical engineering.

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