Investing in Precious Metals for a High Growth Portfolio

Investing in Precious Metals for a High Growth Portfolio

As finite resources, precious metals have excellent growth potential, and with tremendous returns in the past, analysts believe today’s prices are a great bargain. It makes precious metals an attractive alternative to investing your money, for building a high growth portfolio, provided you are an aggressive investor.

For a high growth profile, diversifying your investments across different commodities is essential. Engaging an expert like to make the right diversified investments with precious metals is a smart decision.

Gold, A Promising Investment

With gold surging $1,500 per ounce in 2019, they are a store of value when the market is too volatile, making them a haven type of savings. The primary reason for this notion being that the gold market does not endure the same impact as other assets do by supply and demand.

Gold has practical applications across various sectors, but jewelry is one industry where the demand is ever-increasing. It is enough to allow for great control over the prices if you hold the assets, mainly when there is uncertainty in the market.

Experts recommend investing in gold to expedite growth rates, when the interest rates are low and general market returns are not high on other commodities.

Silver, A Modest Option

Silver continues to be a leading precious metal investment, even in 2020. Though it also has a strong foothold in the jewelry industry, silver plays a vital role in industrial purposes, like solar, medical and tech industries.

This physical metal relies on a strong performing economy, where the industry demand for such commodities is relatively high. However, you can consider silver as a hedge, when the currency is weak, against rising inflation.

Platinum, the Less Explored Option

Owing to its rarity, you might not often consider investing in platinum. However, there was a time when this precious metal was known to trade at prices higher than gold.

Though platinum finds application in the auto industry as an essential component in catalytic converters, it has one of the lowest values. On the positive side, the metal rarely experiences sharp highs and lows, making it a reasonably stable investment.

Palladium, A High-ceiling Investment

The automotive and some manufacturing industries use palladium, making it a pre-eminent precious metal this year.

With its value spiked four years ago, this physical metal rose to its present popularity status in no time.

Reputed financial consultants believe that palladium will continue to see an upward trend. However, it is wise to review all your options to maintain a high growth portfolio before choosing this metal.

High Growth Investment Strategy with Precious Metals

Using proprietary algorithms, reputed physical metal management firms have a proven track record of maintaining an average annual growth rate of about 20% over 20 years.

These professionals diversify risk between precious metals, which you will keep vaulted and insured. They follow an aggressive model, identifying opportunities where market dislocations occur and vigorously taking physical positions in markets where they can outperform other assets. You will find the model focussing on high returns, even when there is less liquidity in precious metals, accelerating your investment growth.

The fact that precious metal consultants get all past returns and algorithms audited and verified by accounting firms like BDO Global makes them trustworthy. It is best to seek their expertise to assess your precious metals’ investment options for maintaining a high growth portfolio.