Important Things You Need When Starting a New Office Job

You’ve just landed the job of your dreams, and you want more than ever to impress your new boss as well as the colleagues you have yet to meet. The trick is to let these people see that you have made the effort to make sure that your first day at work goes without a hitch. Following are the important things you need when you start your new office job.
Dress appropriately – think back to the day of your interview. What was the hiring manager wearing, and if you were taken around to see the rest of the place, how were the other employees dressed? Dress according to your experience of that day, or if you aren’t sure, call the hiring manager and make sure what the dress code of the company is, and dress accordingly. The last thing you want to do, is arrive at your new job in jeans, t-shirt, and flip-flops, and everyone else is dressed in smart office attire! If your job requires casual clothes, dress casual, clean plain clothes. Companies such as HandM offer good cheap casual wear. If you need to dress a little smarter highstreets stores such as moss bros may be a better place to shop.
Laptop or tablet – take these along with you, even if you know that your employers will supply everything you need, as this will give the impression that you are ready and eager to start working.
Be prepared for your visit to HR – your first day will probably start with a visit to HR to complete all the necessary paperwork like tax forms, your contract of employment, non-disclosure agreement, and so forth. Prove that you have foresight and initiative, by taking along your SIN and two forms of official ID, such as your passport and driver’s license, so that all the required documentation can be completed quickly and filed away.
Take notes! – buy a notepad and some cheap pens. These can easily be picked up from many stationery suppliers, and jot down absolutely everything, like useful contacts, passwords, where the tea room is, and anything else that you feel is important. Reading through all your notes at the end of the day, will help you to be better prepared for your second day at your new workplace.
Lunch – it is a good idea to take lunch with you on your first day. If it’s a routine for your new co-workers to go out for lunch, then join them. This is not only a good way for you to get to know each other, but it will also help you to become familiar with the area too. You can eat your pre-packed lunch later in the day, or keep it to eat when you get home after work.
Show your enthusiasm by arriving on time! – make sure that you get to the office on time, or even better, at least 15 minutes early. If your new workplace is in an unfamiliar area, then plan ahead and drive to and from there a couple of times, making sure to take traffic issues into consideration. Search online maps for alternative routes before you leave, to have more than one way to get to your new job, in case you get stuck in a traffic jam. Use these same principles if you do not have a car, and have to make use of public transport to get to and from work every day.


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