How To Trade CFDs & Consistently Make A Profit

Anyone who is familiar with the principles associated with contracts for difference is well aware of their associated benefits.

Flexible investment levels, the ability to profit on falling markets and margin trades are a handful of examples. If this is the case, why are so many investors unable to embrace consistency?

Consistent trades equate to success and stability over time. In order to enjoy such an edge, it is critical to adhere to some expert recommendations as well as to choose the correct trading platform from the very beginning.

What do professional wealth managers have to say?

Mastering Your Domain: Choosing the Correct Online Brokerage

What qualities serve to define a reputable trading platform? Some hallmarks of a stellar service provider include:

  • An agile system that can be tailored to personalised trading needs.
  • Access to live market data 24 hours a day.
  • A mobile-responsive design.
  • Advanced technical tools and bespoke charting features.
  • An ample amount of underlying assets to choose from.

Additionally, the right broker with the lowest possible spread is crucial to maintaining profits. CFD trading with CMC Markets is seamless because they’ve been in business for over 25 years with an outstanding reputation. A skyscraper can never be erected without a strong foundation and CMC will represent the cornerstone of your CFD investment strategy.

The Mistake of Chasing Profits

Nothing moves forward in a straight line and even the most profitable CFD positions will re-correct in time.

This is why chasing profits should be avoided at all costs. This mentality can lead to a sense of fiscal hubris and traders might not be willing (or able) to appreciate the storm clouds gathering on the horizon.

Be sure to set realistic goals and never deviate from these benchmarks. Overconfidence is a sure-fire way to torpedo consistency.

Too Many Trades

The liquid nature of CFD positions will cause some investors to trade entirely too often.

The risk increases with each position and losses are bound to occur. Success and consistency are not products of quantitative frequency, but they are rather the results of making the correct decisions at the appropriate times.

This is the very same reason why professional golfers will spend a great deal of time lining up for a swing as opposed to simply running up to the tee and hoping for success.

Avoiding the “FOMO” Syndrome

FOMO is an acronym which stands for “Fear of Missing Out”. Traders who embrace this mindset are prone to make knee-jerk reactions without fully contemplating their associated consequences. Some symptoms of this condition include statements such as:

  • “Only a single trade”
  • “I have a gut feeling”
  • “Why not let it ride for a bit longer?”
  • “I should have gotten involved”

These are all examples of an individual who has not yet been able to hone a consistent CFD trading strategy. The bottom line is simple. Repetition leads to habit and habits will foster consistency. Please remember the suggestions above if you hope to enjoy predictable profit margins.


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