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How to Save Money on Your Next Business Trip from Melbourne

Travelling for business can throw up a number of financial pitfalls.

When you haven’t yet been given a company credit card, being forced to use your own dime before claiming it back at the end of the month can be a frustrating experience—especially if you’re short on funds (as most of us are at this time of year) in the first place.

While many of you will use your own credit card to avoid cash coming out of your personal account, it pays to try to save money on things like flights, parking, accommodation and food, even if you will eventually get it back.

But how do you save money on an activity that can be notoriously expensive?

Check out our top tips below—from luggage hacks, airport packing and accommodation advice—we cover it all to make sure your next business trip is easy on the credit card balance and keeps your blood pressure at an acceptable level.

1. Shop around for airport parking

When you’re already stressed about a big business meeting in an unfamiliar city, why make the pressure even worse by hauling you and your luggage on and off public transport to the airport? There is a better way.

We’ve found that by taking your own car to the airport and using a Melbourne Airport parking comparison service like, you can find yourself a great deal on parking that won’t break the bank, and will get you and your belongings to the terminal in plenty of time.

2. Opt for carry-on luggage  

Hauling a large suitcase through an airport is nobody’s idea of fun, especially when an airport is packed to the rafters with disagreeable folk who are determined to get in your way. The solution? Opt for carry-on luggage only.

Not only will you avoid any additional charges from the airline operator for checking a bag, it means that there’s virtually no chance of your bag being lost. This means you can be sure you’ll have the correct attire for your big meeting—and not a hastily purchased suit from a tawdry supermarket.

3. Find a great deal on accommodation

What’s worse than yet another faceless and cold chain hotel? If you travel often for work, you’ll know that the novelty of having a minibar (if you’re lucky) or a chocolate on your pillow wear off very quickly.

If you’re set to be away from home for a while, our advice is to opt for a serviced apartment rather than a hotel. Why? Because you’ll benefit from all the comforts of home in a serviced apartment, which means you can cook for yourself rather than relying on second-rate meals from the trashy restaurant attached to the hotel.

Now it’s over to you …

Do you have any great money saving business trip tips you’d like to share with our readers? Please let us know in the comments section—it’d be great to hear from you!

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