How to Save Money by Living in an RV

How to Save Money by Living in an RV

Are you planning to start a new life? You are in your late sixties and are looking to spend the retirement money in a safe and efficient way. Living full-time in an RV is a great option if saving money is one of your top priorities.

But like everything else, you should also aware of the downsides of living an RV life. Without proper budgeting, you will end up spending more money than you would be living in a conventional home. It is true that living in an RV can save you thousands of dollars, but only after getting your finances planned by an expert.

Is living in an RV better than a rented home?

Nothing beats a conventional home when it comes to comfort and safety. Owning or renting a land gives you a feeling of wellbeing. But a stable home may not be an ideal place to live for you. Especially, if you have an adventure in your blood and don’t mind compromising a little bit of comfort in exchange for it.

It is difficult to answer whether a full-time RV life is better than living in a conventional home. But I can say with absolute certainty that you can save money by living in an RV. Moreover, you don’t have to be on the road all the time. There are some campgrounds available where you can park your RV and stay by paying a nominal fee.

Why should you choose to live in an RV?

Why do people decide to leave their conventional homes and adopt an RV life? Well, saving money is the only reason that comes to my mind. No rent, no electricity bills, no need to buy expensive tools to repair and maintain your house, etc are some of the benefits you get by living in an RV. Not to forget, the adventure and trill you experience on the road.

3 ways to save money living in an RV

1) Cook your food in the RV itself

Self cooking

To save money living in an RV, it is best to buy fresh vegetables and meat from the farmers market and prepare the mean the RV itself. Every RV has a functional kitchen. So, why waste money eating in expensive restaurants?

2) Don’t spend too much on gas

You will have to be a bit proactive if you want to save money on gas. RV’s consume a lot of fuel. Especially the large Class A motorhomes. But the good news is, most RV’s are equipped with a large gas tank that can hold gallons of fuel. So, use apps like GasBuddy to find the cheapest gas station around you.

3) Join the club

Join club

An RV life means you live in your vehicle that is parked in a campground or a private property with permission. You can’t park your vehicle anywhere and go to sleep at night. Or worst, be on the road the whole time. You might already know that campgrounds can be very expensive.

I don’t know any person living an RV life comfortable and within budget without joining an RV club or subscribing to a camper membership. Harvest Hosts is one of the best RV clubs that let you park your vehicle in wineries, breweries, and farms for free of cost. All you have to do is share some interesting stories with the landowners or buy a bottle of homegrown wine from them.


All the above-mentioned tips will only work if you make the necessary efforts to learn and become aware of proper financial planning. An RV life is a new concept and you need to acknowledge this fact by dedicating some time to research the pros and cons of it.

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