How to Get Movie Tickets For Rock-Bottom Prices

Do you love watching movies on the big screen? Are you hesitating to go out due to the high ticket prices?

Whether you like old classic movies or the newer ones, it is so much fun to go out to watch a movie with your friends, family or alone. After a tough week, enjoying your favorite movie in a dark theater is all you need. It relaxing and refreshing. However, due to high ticket prices, most people prefer to stay home and watch a movie on a laptop or mobile phone. Which is way less fun than going out.

How much should I spend each month on movies?

According to the National Association of Theater Owners, the cost of a movie ticket is $9.11, which can easily go up to $40– if you included popcorn and coke. Hence, it has become essential to find ways to watch movies at a price you can afford. By being just a little more diligent, you can cut costs on movie tickets up to 50%.

Survey results published on Statista confirms that 8% moviegoers spend more than $31 per month. This survey was held in February 2018. Moreover, 12% of responders agreed to have to spend more than $21. I am assuming that most of the responders go out for a movie, just once a month.

I feel $30 is the right amount to spend on movies for someone who watched 2-3 movies a month. Below I have listed a few ways to get movie tickets free or at rock-bottom prices.

The best ways to get movie tickets free or super cheap

1) Buy movie tickets for your entire family from Costco

Costco offers discounted movie tickets for both members and non-members. You can also buy cheap tickets for a couple which generally also include some snacks and soft drinks. Prices range from $20- $50. $ 4 for one person is a fantastic bargain. However, Costco is not useful for those who like to go out alone.

2) Subscribe to MoviePass

How about watching a movie every day for a mere $19.95 per month?

It seems like the best deal in town for someone who lives and breathes movies. With MoviePass, you can watch one movie per day. To get started, all you have to do download the MoviePass app on your phone and sign up for the subscription service. To book a free ticket, just pick one movie from the list and head out. No need to wait in the line or transact online. It’s a smart buy!

3) Visit the theater at an odd time

Some local theaters offer massive discount on for certain fixed hours on weekdays. It makes sense. Most moviegoers head out on weekends or occasionally on a weekday evening (after work). You can expect a heavy discount be visiting the theater before 10 am on a weekday. Moreover, some theaters also have discount programs wherein they allow you to watch a movie on a particular day for a slashed price.


I hope the above post helped you in becoming cognizant of how much you might be spending on movie tickets. By comparing your expenses with others, you can know if your hobby has turned into an addiction.


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