How to Become a Freelancer At Any Stage of Your Career



A recent study found that nearly 53 million American workers have done freelance work in the past year. For some people, freelancing is something they do to interject more freedom into their work situation.

There is a misconception that freelance work is an unstable and hard way to make a living. In reality, the success you have as a freelance worker depends solely on the quality of the work you do.

Are you curious about how to become a successful freelancer? Check out the helpful tips below.

You Need a Contract For Every Project

One of the biggest mistakes that most freelancers make is failing to use contracts with new clients. Before you begin to take on freelance work, you need to take some time to find an iron-clad and easy to understand contract.

Most successful freelancers’ starts with a contract template they find online and then add to it over time. When looking for a contract template, you need to make sure it covers things like:

  • Details about the quality and originality of your work
  • Information about how you will keep your client’s proprietary information confidential
  • The ability for your client to terminate your services at any time
  • Include details about your payment terms

By including all of these details in your contract, you can show clients you are serious about your work.

Don’t Start Jobs Without a Down Payment

One of the biggest complaints most freelance workers have is not getting paid in a timely manner. The best way to avoid this problem is by requiring new clients to put to pay a down payment.

Often times, freelancers will require a 50 percent down payment before they being work on a new project. Getting this down payment shows you that the client is trustworthy and serious about getting the work done.

If a new client is hesitant to provide a down payment, you may need to avoid working with them. Generally speaking, clients that refuse to make down payments will be slow about paying the final invoice.

Keep Track of Your Time to Maximize Productivity

Working from home can be both a good and bad thing. While this work environment is comfortable, it is also filled with distractions. Tracking your time throughout the day will show you where changes need to be made to maximize productivity.

Using things like the Humanity timecard calculator is a great way to see where your time is being spent. By increasing productivity levels, you can make more money as a freelancer.

Track time


Focus on Promoting Your Freelance Business

Some newcomers to the world of freelancing fail to realize how much competition they will face. The best way to rise above the competition is by promoting the services you offer.

Investing in things like a website and content marketing is a great way to increase your visibility. Neglecting to market your services will make it difficult to find new clients on a consistent basis. Instead of trying to do this work on your own, hiring professional online marketers can help you get the results you are after.

Finding a steady stream of freelance work will require you to work hard. Learning how to market yourself and your abilities is key when trying to attract new clients.


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