How an MBA Can Boost Your Career as a Creative Person

It’s often thought creative, artsy people don’t fit into the corporate mold. As a result, obtaining a bachelor’s degree, let alone an MBA, seems pointless to many. However, these individuals are part of an elite, unique group in the business world, especially with the advanced knowledge of a graduate degree. They are the people who open the cool, new shop down the street or the idea-makers for large companies. Here are just a few reasons a creative person should get an MBA.

Open Your Own Business While Minimizing Costs


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The dream of many business students is to open their own profitable enterprise. Unfortunately, the problem for many entrepreneurs is lacking the know-how to make it run effectively and efficiently. This means becoming an expert on finance, accounting, advertising, and management.

An MBA gives you a well-rounded experience in each of these fields, leaving you the ability to keep them in-house, rather than outsourcing. This means more money in your pocket. If you’re worried about the length of time it takes, many online schools, such as Marylhurst University, offer flexible schedules that allow you to graduate in 18 months.

Artist and Repertoire

If you’re a fanatical music guru, then the best job for you is working in arts & repertoire. This job entails searching for the latest and greatest musical talents, molding them, and making them a profitable product. More specifically, you are the person scouring seedy dive bars, seeking talent (or attractiveness), and deciding on-the-spot if they should be hired.

These people often reside in Los Angeles, New York, and Nashville, and are the key decision makers on what’s on the radio. Since openings for these positions are extremely competitive, an MBA makes you stand out, and gives you the knowledge to create a marketable product.


The main job of a publicist is to generate positive media coverage and act as a liaison between the media and their client. While this job doesn’t require a business background, obtaining an MBA lets you realize the importance of business ideas, such as product branding and strategy, that are helpful to creating a positive public image for an individual or organization. Without some of these ideas, formulating the perfect way to keep your clients in a good light is difficult. When time is of the essence, an MBA is exactly what you need.

Athletic Director

Though becoming an athletic director doesn’t seem creative, it allows you to mix your creativity with a love of sports. An MBA gives you the ability to do all the administrative work. After that, molding the high school or college sports program of your dream is easier. You’re the person that chooses the coaches and staff that helps your team become a success and attract more students to the school.

No matter what you decide to do with an MBA, it’s important to have direction, even if you just use it as a stepping stone in the corporate world. After finding your creative calling, the sky is the limit.



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