Happy Memorial Day

Ah, Memorial Day.  That time of year when we gather our extended family, circle around the bar-be-que pit and gorge ourselves on food.  (Well, one of the times of year, anyway; that sounds like the description of most American holidays during the spring and summer, at least, as my family likes to celebrate them.)  I hope that everyone is having (or had) an impressive and fun little shin-dig.

Here’s also hoping that as you had such fun with family and friends, you also gave a thought or two to the men and women who have fought and died to protect our freedoms.  If you know a veteran, be sure to thank him or her today (or any day, really; why limit your thanks to a few days out of the year?)  Especially now, in this age of a purely voluntary service, honoring those who choose to risk life and limb to defend us, our country and our way of life just seems like the right thing to do.  Not to sound too jingoistic, but well, it’s true.  So, next time you see a veteran, be sure to give them a heart-felt thanks, and possibly buy them a beer (or whatever drink they prefer); they deserve it!

To all who serve, we thank you.
To all who serve, we thank you.

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