Happy Labor Day

Happy Labor Day, everyone!  To all my American brethren, here’s hoping that you have a day filled with good food, good family, and general good times.  It’s the unofficial end of summer, after all, and you want to enjoy it.  (The official end of summer doesn’t come until September 22nd, but by then, the leaves have started changing colors, school has started again, and the weather has normally started to turn cooler.)  It’s a great time to get out there and enjoy all the fun, family, and probably the last barbequed food of the season that you can get.  To say nothing of the last day you can wear white without the more fashion-conscious of your friends and relatives assuming that you are completely insane.

Nothing like huge flames to get you in the mood to eat, am I right?

For all my non-American readers, if you’re wondering why we Americans seem to be nigh unreachable today, this would be it.  Here’s hoping you have an enjoyable day as well, although don’t be surprised if most of your American friends don’t seem to have much time to spend with you; those barbeques aren’t going to run themselves and eat all that delicious food, after all.

All of this is to say, have a Happy Labor Day, everyone, and here’s hoping it proves as enjoyable to you as mine will for me.

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