Happy Fourth of July, for the Fifth Time!

Wow, it’s hard to believe that this is the fifth Fourth of July post that I’ve ever done.  There was the one back in 2009, when I was first getting started, the one in 2010, when the Yakezie were getting going and I was heading off to grad school, the one in 2011, halfway through my grad school career, and of course, the one last year, when my research was winding down (and my blog was hitting its high point, a goal I hope to match, and then exceed, before too long…).

There’s not too much else to add, really, that isn’t included in one or more of the above linked articles.  Just remember a few things while enjoying your Fourth of July.  First, stay safe with those fireworks (you shouldn’t need to mess with them anyway, as there are plenty of free firework displays out there).  Second, be sure to thank any service people you see, as it’s because of them (and people like them) that you are still able to enjoy this and every other holiday.  Lastly, be sure to spend plenty of time with your friends and family this weekend; you should every weekend, but holidays are when you should take special care to enjoy their company.

And be sure to enjoy those Fourth of July fireworks!
And be sure to enjoy those Fourth of July fireworks!

That’s it from me; enjoy your Fourth, everyone!  (And for my non-American readers, don’t worry, all us American bloggers will be back to discussing more widely applicable issues next week, so just hang on.)

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