Happy Father’s Day!

To all my fellow males who are now, or will one day be, fathers:

I hope you are enjoying the day specially designed to celebrate all of us men who have helped (or in my and many others’ cases, will help in the future) to bring new life into the world.  Hopefully, the gifts of ties and aftershave are proving quite enjoyable.  It’s always nice to be remembered.  (Although, if the mother of your children seems to primarily remember how much giving birth hurt, perhaps you wish her memory wasn’t quite so sharp.)

For myself, I haven’t yet been blessed with fathering children (which is probably for the best, as I am still a graduate student and earning barely enough to keep my own expenses under control, let alone provide for those who depend on me).  Which is why it caught me by surprise when my sweet, loving, wonderful fiancee handed me a Father’s Day card.  It was one of the sweetest things I have ever read, not only for the wonderful sentiment expressed in the card proper, but for the wonderful statement my fiancee Sondra wrote, express her belief that when we do start having children, I will make a great father.

Hopefully, in a few years, this will be me.

It nearly brought me to tears, the support and encouragement this sweet girl provides to me.  Neither of us have had the best experiences with our own fathers, and one of my greatest fears is that I will be a bad father when I start to have children.  To get such encouragement from the woman I love about an issue where I have so much angst was one of the best things I could have imagined getting.  So, once again, to all the fathers (past, present, and future) out there:

Happy Father’s Day!

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