Getting the Most out of Your Discount Voucher

When it comes to coupon sites, there are a lot of great deals to be had. You can end up saving some serious money. These deals are great, as long as you take some care before buying them and then use them properly when you get them.

When Does it Expire?

For starters, when does the voucher expire? The voucher expiry date is an important one to take note of. Businesses, especially in the restaurant industry, say that the vouchers cause a flurry of activity in the week that they come out and the week that they close.

Plan ahead if you want the best deal. Book your table at the restaurant soon after getting the voucher – don’t leave it until the last minute and then suddenly remember that it must be used before it expires.

If the deal is related to a service, like a spa day or dining experience, phone ahead and let them know that you have the voucher. Confirm what special conditions there are before you go and try to redeem the voucher.

And not all vouchers are valid for 6 months – be sure to check how long your voucher is actually valid for.

Read the Fine Print

Most of us would certainly rather ignore the fine print but this is a huge mistake. All of these deals have conditions attached to them. The idea for the merchant concerned is to drum up new business. This may mean restricting the deal to the quieter times of the week or excluding holidays, etc. It is important to know what these restrictions are before you actually buy the deal.

Are There Other Costs?

One area that people often complain about is that there might be additional costs when it comes to redeeming the voucher. Tips, sales tax and shipping charges generally fall under this category. The good news is that upfront fees like shipping charges and sales tax will be specifically mentioned in the special conditions of the deal.

Do a little math. Is it still going to be a good deal with the extra charges added in and are you prepared for the extra charges?

Is it Really a Good Deal?

Do some research upfront – what deal are you actually getting? Do some online price comparisons and see if it is really a good one or not. With Groupon Coupons, you can get seriously good deals. For example, Home Depot has over 30 coupons to choose from, one of them is bound to save you money!

What is Good Etiquette for Using the Voucher?

It is worth doing a little bit of research about the etiquette of using these vouchers to avoid bad feelings between you and your friends and the staff where you use the voucher.

Do you, for example, whip out the discount voucher when attending your friend’s birthday party? What amount do you base the server’s tip on? What about other services – are tips expected?

Perhaps you never plan to go to the same spa again. That’s fine. If you do, however, you don’t want to be labelled as being cheap. Staff remember people who don’t tip properly for good service and so you might not be as welcome if you come back.

You also, naturally, don’t want your friends or new acquaintances to label you as cheap either.

In any event, there are rules of etiquette that govern the use of these vouchers as well. Don’t get caught short by not knowing what they are.

What it boils down to is that you need to do your basic research before clicking the “Buy” button. Know exactly what the deal entails and you are a lot more likely to have a positive experience when redeeming the voucher.

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