10 Tools Freelancers Should Use to Increase Productivity

10 Tools Freelancers Should Use to Increase Productivity

No one knows the importance of being productive and efficient than freelancers. When you work independently, your time is money. To be optimally productive, it is important to have the right tools that will help you manage time and work faster. Here are some software and apps that will help you work like a well-oiled machine:

1. Teux Deux

This is a to-do list making app that will help you manage your time better than ever. It is very minimalist, appealing and incredibly easy to use. There are some options offered to create and manage tasks and lists. This will be a highly helpful tool when you plan your week.

2. FatDisco

Are your word files and presentations scattered all over the hard drive? Do you often have trouble sharing or accessing documents? Then FatDisco cloud storage will be the solution you need. You can store all your files using this tool to access them anytime, from anywhere using a laptop or a smartphone. Plus, FatDisco is highly secure and encrypts all your files.

3. Tweriod

Do you often find yourself wasting time updating Twitter profiles? Tweriod can help you time your social media posts and manage social network time in a more efficient manner. This app will help you assess your Twitter followers so you can determine which times are peak activity hours. You can then post your tweets during these times for best effect.

4. BufferApp

Buffer combines well with Tweriod. While you can use the latter to analyze followers, you can use the former to time your posts. You can write your tweets in advance and schedule them for posting at a later date at a particular time. It works well on Facebook as well. Buffer is an excellent tool especially for freelancers in the marketing sector.

5. MindMeister

MindMeister is the best tool available to create mind maps digitally. This app is much more convenient and reliable than making mind maps using pen and paper. It comes with free and pro plans. For most people, the free plan is enough.

10 Tools Freelancers Should use to Increase Productivity

6. Evernote

Evernote hands down is the best note taking app ever. It is great on a computer as well as a smartphone. On smartphones, you can conveniently use a stylus or fingertips to take handwritten notes. When you are a freelancer, you need to take notes as they come to mind. Having Evernote will make this process much more hassle free.

7. Mint

Freelancing is also about doing your accounting. Mint is a tool that makes managing your money easy and convenient. The service is free, and the interface is highly user-friendly. This is the most popular money management tool among many professionals. Mint also has a great support community and a blog that gives excellent tips.

8. StreamerApp

StreamerApp is a time-saving tool that allows freelancers to integrate with other tools like Web Analytics and CRM support. You can custom create dashboards with this app to manage business affairs better.

9. ContactMe

Freelancers often have to keep track of hundreds and sometimes even thousands of contacts. This neat app will help you consolidate contacts stored in some different places. You can then easily organize the contacts for easy access later as well.

10. Toggl

Ever wonder how much time you spend doing a single task? You won’t have to if you have Toggl, a convenient time tracking app. Not only will it clock the amount of time you spend on a task, but it will also help you switch between different tasks seamlessly. Use this as a Chrome extension and your productivity level will go through the roof.

Don’t wait. Use the above tools to become a more productive and efficient freelancer today.

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