First Quarter 2013 Resolution Progress (and 4 Tips to Resolution Success)

It’s been more than three months since the start of the new year, more than a quarter of the way through 2013. I don’t know about you, but I feel that now is a good time to review what I’ve set out to do, so I’m sure that it will be achieved before the year ends. I’ll also set out some advice on how you can achieve your goals in as effective a method as possible.

Let’s start with the latter point first, since meeting goals, and particularly those lofty goals we set as resolutions to start the year, can be difficult. Many weeks have come and gone since we made those new year’s resolutions, and as a result, I imagine that more than a few of us have been tempted to give up on whatever resolutions we made to start the year.

Try hard enough, and trophy like this could be yours!  (Assuming your goal is something involving trophies, of course)
Try hard enough, and trophy like this could be yours! (Assuming your goal is something involving trophies, of course)

I know that it can be tempting to give up, but it’s good to keep up with your goals, be they accomplishments to achieve or bad habits to break. If you haven’t found methods allowing you to do so (and I understand, it is hard at time), check out these suggestions to help you along:

4 Ways to Help Complete Your Goals

1. Write Your Goals Down: This might seem rather simple, but it is one of the most important steps you can take to help complete your goals. By writing them down, you can focus on what you hope to achieve, which is a vital step in figuring out where you stand in reaching your goals. On that note:

2. Write Down Your Progress: If you’ve broken down your goals into smaller steps (as I’ve recommended before), you’ll be able to track your movement towards it. Trying to reach a goal is no good if you can’t determine whether you’re getting closer to it until you’ve achieved it. Being able to see where you stand in relation to your goal is vital to moving closer to it.

3. Make Your Goals and Your Progress Public: If we keep things to ourselves, we tend to forget them, or at least not pay as much attention to them. By letting other people know what we are trying to do, we add pressure to ourselves, from those others and our own desire to impress them. It’s not a guarantee that you will succeed in those goals, of course, but the more people you disappoint with your lack of success, the more effort you’ll put into achieving said success.

4. Consider Why You Want to Achieve Your Goals: You need to have some motivation for what you hope to accomplish, besides merely saying “I did it”. (Although, in many cases, that can be strong motivation as well.) Keep track of your rewards in order to spur yourself along. If you want to lose weight or stop smoking, think of the improvements to your health you desire, for example. As hard as it might be to achieve your goals, knowing what awaits when you do so can help spur you on.

That should do for now; with these steps (and the ones I’ve included in the linked articles) you should have plenty of advice on achieving most goals. It’s time, then, to consider how well I’m doing toward achieving  my resolutions for the year:

My Resolutions and My Progress – First Quarter 2013

1. Start Earning $3000 Each Month in Alternate Income: I’ll be the first to admit, I haven’t made much progress at all on this resolution. I’m not making $3000 per month; heck, I’m not even making $3 per month as we speak. I’m planning to increase that level of income quite a bit in the coming weeks, both by doing a better job of publicizing and monetizing this blog and by taking advantage of other alternative income sources. We’ll see how successful I am come my next Net Worth Update.

2. Get a Job: Not much progress here, either. Granted, I’ve been instructed by my doctor not to start work before June, so that has limited my ability to accomplish this goal. I can either meet this resolution or follow my doctor’s advice, not both. I have submitted more than a few job applications, and have gotten a few nibbles. I’ll have to put even more effort into my job hunting as I approach June, so that I have something waiting for me when I can resume working. (Of course, if I am even more successful than I hope at earning an alternate income, perhaps I won’t need a job after all.)

3. Care for My Wife and Child: I’ll be the first to admit, I listed this goal in part so I would have something I am able to accomplish even if nothing else went my way. I have been doing very good at this goal; I have just returned from a visit to my mother and sisters (and most of my extended family, when they learned that there was a small baby who could be cuddled within their reach). This visit went very well, more so than some of my recent encounters with my family, which is quite encouraging. It’s far from the great and wonderful life I would hope to provide my family, but given my situation (medical and otherwise), I’m not doing half bad, I feel.

There you have it, where I stand on my resolutions and some of the steps I follow as I attempt to achieve those resolutions. How are you working to achieve your resolutions, and any other goals you have? Any advice you would care to share on how I can achieve my goals, either the specific goals listed here or goals in general? Be sure to let me know!


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