Finish What You Start: Don’t Give Up

How many times have we thought of doing something, even got up once, may be done it halfway, then got distracted or lazy, and left it unfinished? Probably you have a new start-up idea in your head but you got stuck in the planning phase, and you decided to quit because you were not stubborn enough to make it work! Or maybe you wanted to start a new health routine, but waking up early in the morning was difficult because you got tired of all the late night office paper work you had to get done. But instead of planning out a proper timetable, you decide to let it go, explaining yourself that maybe you don’t need workouts and you are healthy enough.

“Good things come to those who wait.”
Good things come to those who work consistently every day, with small efforts, repeated daily. You don’t wait for things to happen magically. You do your bit, and then wait. You wait for the results after you’ve put in all your efforts.

When it comes to business, patience, persistence and perseverance are the principle disciplines. Patience is waiting for the right moment to act, the right amount of time taken to think and analyze, and realizing that success doesn’t happen overnight. In a world that is races towards the finish line, we strive on instant gratification. We want things to happen now- instant messaging, instant video buffering, pizza in 30 minutes, delivery of an item from England just within a week, a YouTube video going viral overnight, not even having to wait for the movie to release officially, because you can download it from Torrent a week before only and people these days don’t even wait to fall in love, thanks to Tinder and other dating apps!
The positive effects of patience and persistence can go a long way in helping a person achieve success in business. When you first start a company, or join a company, there is a slow learning curve, you encounter obstacles, achieve some goals, with promotions, bonuses, profits and some losses. Success isn’t a destiny, it is a journey.

It is therefore important to have a proper business model. Unrealistic expectations lead to disappointments and frustrations. Having a plan, deciding what to do, how to do it, the probable problems you will face, your backup plans, and how to deal with losses. If you are the leader, you should be able to manage the team, recognize the immediate goals, and the ones which are to be undertaken in future. Planning, implementing and executing- cultivating and strategizing the strengths of the team gradually.

Just because something appears difficult, it isn’t impossible. Problems always come with solutions. You need to be patient and determined enough to set things straight.
Quit being a perfectionist. It’s okay to make mistakes. Make mistakes, learn from those mistakes, make new mistakes and keep learning.
Have a plan at every step of your embarkment. Spend your time and energy accordingly.

Take one step at a time. There is no need to rush. Stay committed to your dream and believe in yourself. It almost appears to be impossible until it’s done.

Because 40 years from now, you would want to think of all those difficult moments of your life and smile at yourself thinking how you beat each one of them. Regrets are results of unfinished jobs and unfulfilled desires.


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