End of Employment

Unfortunately, today I learned that I am being terminated from my current (well, previously current) position.  I’m not going to get into all the details, both because it’s still a bit early for me to talk about it and because I’m not sure what rules are in play regarding disclosure of my job and related activities in a public forum.  Personally, I’m a bit surprised and taken back by the whole situation.  It happened so quickly; less than twenty-four hours ago, I was working, attempting to do my best, and now, it’s back to the unemployment line.

Sorry if this post comes off as melodramatic and ‘oh, poor me’, but that’s how I’m feeling right at this moment.  Come tomorrow, I promise to be back in full swing with more interesting (and if I can manage it, funny) articles about personal finance and money management.  For now, though, I just some time to collect my thoughts and try to figure out what to do next.  Have a wonderful day, everyone, and if you can spare a few thoughts, prayers, or well wishes, right now I really could use them.  Stay well.

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  1. Sorry to hear that you lost your job. It is good that you are not panicking and just taking some time to think about it rationally because that way you will make better decisions. I hope you have enough in savings to keep you in case this turns out to be long term. All the best….and it WILL work out for you soon.

    *sending positive thoughts and a prayer your way*

  2. Oh, man…. that really sucks Rog. I’m sorry for this. I hope they provided at least a little bit of severance or whatnot.

    I firmly believe 1Q10 will be the beginning of a better job market, so please hang in there. Besides, you can now go back to normal hours of sleeping!

    Best, FS

    • @lulu: Thanks for the positive thoughts and prayer; it’s good to know that people are thinking about me and hoping for the best. I appreciate greatly.

      @FS: Sadly, no severance; it wasn’t the most pleasant job ending I’ve ever had, to put it mildly, and there’s much I wish I could have done differently. I have learned several things from the experience, which will hopefully help me to get and keep another job, even though I had trouble with this one. But, that’s the story for another post.

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