eBook Review – The CVS Drugstore Game

There are a lot of coupons, special offers, and discounts out there in the retail world, most of which are less ‘bargains’ and more methods of getting you to spend more money on things you don’t really need. But what if there were a way to mix those coupons and special offers to get things for free, and possibly even get money (or at least store credit) to use for your next purchases? That’s impossible, right?

The CVS Drugstore Game argues that this is not only possible, but not even that difficult. Amanda Grossman of Frugal Confessions sets out the means of using the policies set out by drugstores and the coupons issued by manufacturers in order to gather plenty of goods for a very little price. Does this plan live up to its promises? Let’s find out!



The CVS Drugstore GameIf you’ve never heard of the ‘Drugstore Game’ before now, the Introduction lays out the concept for you. The basic idea is to use weekly sales, coupons, and ExtraCare Bucks® (ECB), the store credit program at CVS (the preferred location for playing the Drugstore Game, as you might guess from the eBook title) to get as many drugstore items as possible while spending as little money as possible. The section ends by giving you directions to get a membership at CVS to start earning those ECB as soon as possible.


Success at the Drugstore Game requires the use of a lot of coupons, so this section lays out how to understand both manufacturers’ coupons and CVS coupons in order to figure out how best to combine the offers presented in each type in order to get your desired items for nearly nothing. The best techniques for getting (and organizing) both types of coupons are also covered.

Learning to Read Like a Drugstore Gamer

Before you can make your first transaction in the Drugstore Game, you’re going to need to know how to think like a Gamer. You’ll learn how to read a CVS sales ad here, discovering how to find the deals that will lead to an increased supply of ECB and/or allow you to get the desired products for a fraction of the normal cost. If that sounds a bit too tough (or you’d just like to see some experienced people in action), there’s also some links to some practiced Gamers’ websites.

Your First Transactions

Now that you have a pretty decent understanding of how the Drugstore Game works, this section covers what to do during your first few CVS trips to start your gaming process. From knowing how to prepare for your trip to reading your receipt and determining things like your ECB supply and other useful information, this section guides you through your first trip. There are also some tips on how to handle the next few follow-up trips and start to get more and more items for fewer out-of-pocket expenses.

CVS Issues and How to Deal

There are some issues that arise, both with shopping at CVS in general and with the Drugstore Game in particular. This section covers some of the common issues that can arise, and the means of handling them as smoothly as possible.

Bonus CVS Earnings

Want the chance to benefit even more from the Drugstore Game than has been laid out so far? This section provides several methods to do so, from techniques to snag extra coupons in order to boost your savings to ways you can earn free CVS gift cards on top of your ECB earnings.

Advanced Drugstore Game Strategies

Once you have a decent understanding of how to play the Drugstore Game, you might want further methods to benefit from the techniques laid out, and ways to expand where and how you put your ECB to use. This section lays some such methods out, allowing you to glean some further strategies for playing the Drugstore Game.

The Stockpile

This is a short section providing advice on how to handle the impressive stockpiles you can build up by playing the Drugstore Game, both of the purchased items and of unused coupons. (The latter can be sent to overseas military bases, in case you find yourself with some.)

Conclusion: Wrapping It Up

The eBook concludes by wrapping up the overall concept of the Drugstore Game, before providing a Glossary of terms and list of Resources should you wish to try your hand at the Game yourself.


Interesting: I don’t know about you, but I’ve never heard of the ‘Drugstore Game’ before, and it made an interesting subject to read.
Numerous Resources: There are plenty of visual aids in the eBook helping you to read CVS receipts and providing links to places you can get additional help with your Gaming.
Potential to Save a Great Deal: If you are able to follow the instructions set out throughout the eBook, you should be able to cut down your drugstore expenses substantially (excepting, ironically, on the drugs themselves).


Fairly Short: There’s not much too material to the eBook; you can likely finish it in under an hour without much effort.
Concept is Laid Out in Other Sources: With a little bit of effort, you can look up the idea of ‘Drugstore Gaming’ elsewhere and learn everything laid out here.


The CVS Drugstore Game is an interesting eBook, potentially introducing you to Drugstore Gaming. You might already know everything you need to about this concept (and could find it out if you want), but the eBook provides a great introduction. Besides, you can save more than enough money to justify the eBook price in just a few gaming rounds.

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