Want to Write For The Amateur Financier?

The Official Policy for Writing for The Amateur Financier:

If you are a fellow blogger, or otherwise are running a quality source of personal finance information, I’d be more than happy to publish an entry from you on the Amateur Financier.  Just be sure it meets the following criteria, and if I like it, I’ll be glad to put it up. Just be sure to:

  • Articles must be valuable to our readers and are inline with our company mission.
  • Original content not published anywhere else and cannot be published anywhere else in the future.
  • Not self-promoting (we can use the bio-line for that)
  • Must be between 1,750-2,500 words.
  • No affiliate links
  • You can include several links in the body (max 3) and one link in your bio.
  • Include only images that allow for derivative rights (so we can resize and use them), or that you own outright.
  • We reserve full editorial and approval rights, including removing your link(s) or images and adding our own links or images to the article.
  • Please include your introduction/bio. This will be shown at the end of the article and can include 1 link back to your site.

If your article meets all the above criteria, contact me to discuss topics to write.

Guest posting is NOT for sponsored pieces of content. We offer a variety of sponsorship opportunities if you are interested.

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