Buy Me a Pie App Review- Takes the Guesswork out of Shopping

Not everyone can remember more than ten items while shopping in a supermarket. Even the ones who shop on a regular basis end up forgetting one of the other items. They only realize it after returning home. 

If you are an occasional shopper or you find shopping in a brick and mortar store to be stressful, then you must make the best out of the “Buy Me a Pie” app. This app has been around for a while now and is one of the best for occasional shoppers. 

About the Creator of Buy Me a Pie App 

This app allows you to create shopping lists and also lets your family members add, delete and modify items from their phones. Buy Me a Pie is headquartered in Ulyanovsk, Ul’yanovsk, Russia. The company was founded in 2011 by Russian entrepreneurs Oleg Nederev and Sergey Bulaev.

How Does the Buy Me a Pie App Work?

The Buy Me a Pie app lets you create shopping lists based on events, stores, and many more factors. For instance, if you want to host a barbeque party and want to purchase the items need for it, simply create a list with the name “barbeque party” and begin adding items that come to your mind. 

Furthermore, the app even maintains a database of items needed for a specific event. At the time of adding items, the app recommends relevant items from the database and also presents you with the items you added in the previous similar list. Also, the lists are fully shareable. Even if you and your family members have devices other than iOS, the data syncs automatically. 

What I Like About Buy Me a Pie App 

There are several things I like about the Buy Me a Pie app. I like how the list can be changed by members of your family (or anyone you sync your app with). Let’s say, you head out to the supermarket with a shopping list but one of your family members wished to add or delete an item, they can do it with their phones without having to contact you. 

Even after you mark the item, the app updates the list. As long as you are in the store, you can get all the required items.

What I Don’t Like About Buy Me a Pie App 

However great the sharable lists are, there is no option to create a private list. There are times when you want to create lists for personal purposes. The app shares the list with all the members without asking for consent. 

My Recommendation

This app is useful for couples, roommates, spouses, etc who usually shop for each other and wish to keep everyone on the same page. Once you and the members get used to this app, you will save your time, energy and money. 


Buy Me a Pie app is free of cost. There is no pro version so you get to enjoy all the amazing features for free. To download the app for Android devices click here and for iOS click here.