Best Personal Finance Apps to Use

Smartphones have become every person’s best friend and for good reason. On an average, most people are likely to check their phones anywhere between 30 to 50 times a day to call people, receive and send texts, check the weather or even keep a tab on sports scores. Thus, your smartphone is the best way you can keep a tab on your finances as well. Anything from setting a budget for yourself to handling investment decisions can be done on your smartphone. Here are some of the best personal finance apps that you can download:

1) Mint: Mint is an all-in-one personal finance app that is perfect for those who want to manage their finances efficiently. The app helps you create a budget and tracks how much money you spend. You can also connect all your bank accounts as well as your monthly bills to the app so that all your finances are in one place. By doing so, the app alerts you of when bills are due and even sends you payment reminders. Apart from that, the app tracks your expenditure and gives you the advice to gain a control over your budget as well.

2) PocketGuard: The PocketGuard app is available for both Android and iOS smartphones and is essentially a budget management app. It tracks all your bank accounts, shows you how much balance you have and how much you can spend for that day. It is also well encrypted so you can perform all your transactions as securely as possible. Another advantage of this app is that it automatically updates all your purchases, payments and subscriptions, thus giving you an alert if you overstep your budget for the week or month.

3) You Need a Budget (YNAB): This app is the best for those who struggle to stay on a budget because it is unlike any other budget app that you have used in the past. It is a fairly simple app to operate and works on the principle that you can only create a budget based on how much money you actually have in your bank account and not on the money that you don’t have at that point of time. If however, you are having trouble sticking to the budget; the app gives ideas to do things differently in order to balance your budget. It also has a built-in accountability partner where the user is accountable for any money that they spend. There are also online classes on the app with a live instructor to help you learn budgeting basis. The app is said to be so good that the average user is said to have paid off their debt in the first month of using the app.

4) Wally: For all those who like to be super organized with their finances, this is the app for you. Using this app, you can track all your personal expenses. Instead of manually logging in every expense at the end of the day, week or month, this app lets you to simply take a photo of your receipts. The app automatically logs for your expenses then. Using this application, you can also use the geo-location feature that is synced with your device which fills in any purchase and expenditure information which saves you a lot of time. The app is also extremely convenient, clean and streamlined and is a must-have.

5) Acorns: This personal finance app is best suited for youngsters and teenagers who intend to save a quick buck or two. Essentially, what the app does is that every time you make a purchase with a card that is connected to the app, the app rounds it up to the next highest dollar and then goes on to invest the difference in EFTs which are low-cost exchange-traded funds depending on your risk preference.

Thus, download these personal finance apps and never worry about managing your finances again.


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