A Very Thankful 2013 Thanksgiving

Once again, time has come and gone, leaving us at Thanksgiving. So, once again, I am planning to share some of the many things I have to be thankful for as this year approaches its end. I hope that you are planning to spend the day considering what you have to be thankful for in your life. (And if you are not an American, that you tolerate the fact that all your American colleagues are spending the day talking about turkey, family, and vacations rather than information you can apply to your life.)

With all that aside, let’s get to the point of sharing my thanks:

-My Daughter Elaine: There is simply nothing in life that I am more thankful for right now than my lovely daughter.  She is the light in my life, making me smile and laugh everyday, and brings me more happiness than I thought possible.

-My Wife Sondra: Almost as important in my daughter (sorry for the downgrade, my love, but I’m sure you understand), is the wife that loves me, supports me, and provides care and adoration for me on a daily basis.  I love her so much more than I could ever have believed.

-The Rest of My Family: I could spend thousands of words to list all of the family that make my life better, some by simply existing, but my family is indispensable to my thankfulness.  My mother, my sisters, my mother-in-law (yes, kids, the TV show depiction of mother-in-laws is far from true; many, if not most, are kind and caring), heck, most of my in-law and extended family; I’m lucky (and thankful) to have such a large and wonderful family in my life.

-My Health: I realize my health is far from ideal (two fairly severe seizures yesterday were a major reminder of that), but I am alive, moving freely, and able to act for myself (most of the time).  I’m not saying that my health is perfect, far from it; but it’s worth keeping in mind that there are people who are a lot worse off than me, and that my healthcare and medication is able to keep me functional, for the most part.  Speaking of which:

-My Healthcare: I’m not going to spend Thanksgiving getting into the issues of ACA, also known as Obamacare, (although if I’m feeling masochistic next week, I might share some thoughts), but I am going to express thankfulness that I live in a country that is willing and able to provide me with the healthcare I need to have a decent life.  In much of the world (and at any other time in history), I’d be lucky to survive, let alone live a decent, if far from ideal, life.

-My Country: While I’m on the subject, it’s worth remember thing that I able very lucky (and should be thankful) to live in such a great country.  It is far from ideal (and there are plenty of differences people think it could be made more ideal), but compared to most of the countries I could have experienced, I am a very, very lucky man.

-My Life: I’ve expressed plenty of individual reasons to be thankful, but it’s worth remembering a big one: my life as a whole.  Everything good in my life is worth being thankful for, not only today but everyday.  That’s a fact I try to keep in mind as go through Thanksgiving, as well as the rest of the holiday season.

I hope that you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and that there is plenty you have to be thankful this year.

And here's hoping you have a great turkey to enjoy
And here’s hoping you have a great turkey to enjoy

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