A Beginner’s Guide to Choosing the Right Car Insurance Policy for the First Time

Need car insurance? Not sure where to start? You’re in the right place. Whether you’re a new driver or not, choosing a car insurance policy can be stressful. There’s so much going on and a lot to work through, it can be hard to know where to start. If you’d like to know what affects your insurance policy cost along with how to find the best car insurance policy for you and your vehicle, then keep reading. We’re going to look at a few tips when it comes to car insurance, designed to make even newcomers to this subject an expert in no time.

When looking for the right insurance policy, there are a number of things you need to consider. You might have a few questions to ask yourself, and these could have a big impact on the sort of insurance you can afford. So what are they?

How much is your car worth?

The biggest factor in determining how much your insurance policy is going to cost is the value of your car. You see, expensive cars will cost more to replace or repair. Not only that, but they might also be more attractive to car thieves or vandals.

If you want to get a cheaper insurance policy, you might want to consider insuring a cheaper car. If you are trying to insure something that’s fast and powerful, this could also be seen as a more risky proposition for an insurer. It’s another thing that could make your insurance policy cost higher. These reviews could make it even easier to find the right insurer for your car or you could check out one sure insurance.

What sort of coverage do you need?

While lots of drivers want full coverage, you might only need a third party or partial coverage. This can make a big impact on the cost of your policy. For older cars, you might not need full breakdown or accident coverage where the minimum will do. It depends on what level of risk you’re happy with. Find a happy balance between risk and the cost of your policy. Remember that you don’t need to cover all of your cars if it’s old or not that important. Don’t just get full coverage just because everyone else does, this could be the most expensive option.

How long have you been driving?

If you’ve been driving for decades without any issues, this should make your insurance cheaper. Alternatively, if you haven’t been driving long – it could make your insurance more expensive. Even if you haven’t had any issues with your insurance or driving, being new on the roads is seen as risky to insurers, so simply getting a bit more experience could lead to lower policy costs.

How old are you?

Aside from how long you’ve been driving, your overall age makes a difference too. Older drivers are considered safer, even if they haven’t actually been driving that long. Even a younger driver with a lot of on the road experience might see some costly insurance policy costs, but there isn’t much they can do about it until they start getting a bit older.

If you’re a young driver and are tired of expensive insurance quotes, you might want to try a specialist young driver insurer. Some general insurers don’t want the hassle of younger drivers so will quote high policy costs. On the other hand, specialist young driver insurers might be able to get you the deal you’ve been looking for. Installing black boxes and speed limiters could help drive your insurance costs even lower, especially as a younger driver.

What’s your claims history like?

Regardless of your age or how long you’ve been on the road, it’s good if you haven’t had any major claims, accidents or driving convictions. These can be a disaster to your policy cost and could see your quotes skyrocket. The only real way to prevent this is to be careful and make sure you’ve got a solid driving history.

Where will the car be stored?

If you plan to keep your car on a busy road, this could increase the cost of your insurance policy. That’s because it might be at a higher risk of a collision and will be more at risk of theft of other vehicle crime. Your insurer will ask where the car will be stored overnight and this has a big impact on policy costs. If you have a private garage or some off-road parking, this can improve things dramatically.

How much will you use the car?

You’ll be asked for an estimate about how much you intend to use the vehicle when you insure it. While these estimates don’t need to be exact, you should be as honest and realistic as possible. The more you use a car, the higher the cost it’ll be to insure.

What’s a crime like in your area?

If you live in an area with a lot of crime, especially vehicle crime, this could have an impact on insurance costs. Insurers will ask for your area code and this will be referenced against crime statistics and claim data. If you want to reduce insurance costs, you might want to insure your vehicle in a low crime area. Insurers will want to steer clear of areas that have a lot of vandalism or theft.

What will the car be used for?

If you only intend to drive at the weekend to the shops, you might be able to get a better offer on your insurance. Driving long distances every day in rush hour could raise costs as the vehicle will be more at risk.

Have you compared a number of different quotes?

Thankfully it’s easy to get loads of different quotes these days at the touch of a button. You can easily get tons of competitive quotes by simply entering your insurance details on one of many price comparison sites. Quoteradar.co.uk is a great site to compare insurance quotes in the United KingdomRemember, some top insurers aren’t on these sites so you might want to do a bit of additional research to get the best possible deal, but they’re a good place to start.

Hopefully, these tips have got you driving in the right direction towards getting the best possible car insurance policy for you.


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