8 of the Most Unusual Charities I Would Recommend

With December well upon us and Christmas approaching quickly, there’s a lot of issues that you need to handle, from what to get your family members to how to meet with everyone during the holiday season, there’s a lot to plot out before things get even closer to Christmas.  Before you get too involved in all the Christmas festivities, though, it’s a good idea to think about those who less fortunate in this time of celebration and charity.

If you’re looking to find charities for your donations, there are plenty of resources out there to find some good charities.  Plenty of people and organizations want to care for the poor, help cure the sickly, and provide for the less fortunate around the world.  We’re going to take a slightly different approach here, though; there are charities that don’t quite fit in to the normal categories, and I don’t know about you, but those are the sorts of charities that I’d like to support.  That’s why I’m sharing these:

8 Particularly Unusual Charities

1. Bumblebee Conservation Trust – If you are a fan of bumblebees, and want an opportunity to help them rebuild their populations (in the United Kingdom, at least), here is a charity that offers you the chance to do just that.  You’ll be able to fight the ‘Plight of the Bumblebee’ and help flowers and plants at the same time.

How could you resist this little guy?
How could you resist this little guy?

2. Heifer International – While there are a lot of things you can give through charities, one of the most unique items might be livestock.  Heifer International enable you to give a cow, sheep or buffalo to appropriate recipients, who can use the milk, fleece, and offspring to provide food for themselves and potentially even as the basis of a business.  As a way for people who have nothing to build something for themselves, this makes a pretty excellent starting package

3. Child’s Play – While the name might make you think of evil dolls, the actual charity is devoted to providing video games (and other toys) for children in hospitals.  While not the most vital of charities on this list, it does help children who find themselves in hospitals, making their lives better.  Plus, it’s a charity that can benefit sick children using video games, definitely nice for those nerds among us.  Although, it’s not that unusual…

4. Humble Jumbo BundleThis is an odd one (not that all of these charities aren’t a little out of the ordinary).  It sells downloadable games, and you are able to pay the amount you want for said games.  That amount you pay can then be divided between the makers of the games, the Humble Bundle organizers, and the charities being supported (currently including Child’s Play, by pure chance).  You can get games for what you want to pay while supporting charities at the same time; not a bad deal.

5. Smile Train – The name doesn’t tell you much, but you might have seen some of the advertisements from Smile Train, the charity is focused on only one thing: fixing cleft lips and palates.  It’s a limited goal, to be sure, but if you want to help some children born with a disability, one that’s derided and mocked in some countries, so it’s worth considering.

6. Locks of Love – Locks of Love seeks to provide hairpieces for children who have lost their hair due to medical reasons.  Said hairpieces happen to be made out of human hair, though, so there is the need for both the normal monetary donations and for hair from donors.  Your locks need to be ten inches or more, though, so you might not be able to help out in that respect.

7. Project Linus – I could hardly resist putting a charity with this name and backstory on the list.  Named after Linus Van Pelt, the child from the Peanuts comic strip who was always carrying a blanket, it seeks to provide homemade blankets to needy children.  You can either donate money or put your crafting skills to use as a ‘blanketeer’, making the blankets.  If the latter option appeals to you, you can look at:

8. Knitting for Charity – If you happen to be talented at knitting or other crafting and want to give something to someone in need, there are numerous ways to do it.  This list provides several methods you can put your skills to use, with dozens of charities included involving recipients varying from children to veterans handling cancer.  If you can do it, you might consider it.

Just a final note: My discussion of these ‘unusual’ charities should not be taken to mean that more traditional charities aren’t worthwhile.  Charities like the Red Cross, American Cancer Society, and Doctors Without Borders are very deserving, and if you wish to donate to them, please do so (I’m sure they’d appreciate it).  This list is just to give you a few more, let’s say, out of the ordinary possibilities, in case you’d like to mix things up.

These are all the unusual charities I have to share at the moment.  Anymore unusual charities you’d like to recommend?  Any suggestions on more ways to make donations other than money?

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