6 Best Twitter Accounts to Learn About Bitcoin

Are you thinking about investing your money in Bitcoin in 2020?

A lot of people believe that the right time to invest in Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency has passed. Only the ones with significant investments can manage to purchase Bitcoins. But this is furthest from the truth. Furthermore, Bitcoin also allows you to make and receive financial transactions without the government or the bank keeping a ledger of it. This is why Bitcoin was invented in the first place.

Here Are the 6 Best Twitter Accounts to Learn About Bitcoin

1) Jon Matonis– @jonmatonis

Jon Matonis is a Chief Economist at Cypherpunk Holdings Inc. He is from Vilnius, Lithuania. He regularly tweets and retweets about cryptocurrency-related topics. By following his page, you can arm yourself with vital insights about the industry. Where else are you going to find so much free and trustworthy information?.

2) Erik Brrrhees– @ErikVoorhees

On his Twitter page, Erik reveals the hidden secrets behind investing in Bitcoins. Just like other businesses, investing in Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency requires you to have hard-won wisdom about the subject. He is also the founder and CEO of a zero percent crypto trading commission company called ShapeShift.

3) Blockchain.com– @blockchain

Sometimes it is a good idea to follow news outlets as well. For those who want lucid analysis on Blockchain and other crypto technologies, can follow this page. The Blockchain technology allows us to have an open and distributed ledger for all transactions performed by the users. 

Bitcoiners also feel safe using an app with Blockchain as it has a way to verify and record transactions.

4) Cameron Winklevoss– @winklevoss

Cameron is popular for investing in Facebook. Of course, he and his twin brother were not given any credit for their contributions but they have done enough to prove to the world that they are real winners. Cameron was also a part of the United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee. He calls himself a Cryptopunk and is actively involved in the crypto community.

5) Roger Ver– @rogerkver

Roger is one of the earliest people to see the real hidden potential of Bitcoin. This is why he was the first to put his hard-earned money in companies like Z.cash, BitPay, Kraken, and Purse.io. If you are interested in knowing more about investing money in a crypto startup, follow his account and listen to his opinions carefully.

6) The Tor Project– @torproject

Tor is just a browser but it allows you to have anonymous communication with websites, people, applications, etc all around the world. The main motto of Tor is to defend your privacy and freedom. You can use Tor to visit crypto websites and also carry out transactions. This is quite helpful if you live in a country where the government is keeping a close eye on your crypto activities.


Just like you buy anything else, you can buy Bitcoin with hard cash, credit card or a debit card. The buying process is not complicated at all. Although I would suggest you learn a bit about cryptocurrencies before investing. The Twitter accounts mentioned above can help you do just that.


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